Even though Smith & Wesson announced the M&P9 2.0 Metal over a month ago, we finally got to go hands-on with it when we recently toured their Springfield, Massachusetts, facility. Senior Product Manager John Myles broke down the gun in an overview for us highlighting some of its impressive features. It shares the same footprint and capacity, at 17+1, as the M&P9 2.0 lineup but features a stylish upgrade in the paint department. The 7075 T6 Aluminum frame has been done up in proprietary tungsten gray color that looks quite handsome, if we don't mind saying.

It's incredibly light, yet rigid feeling in the hand. S&W decided to give the trigger a bit of an overhaul as well, opting for their flat trigger but upgrading and improving upon the trigger sear. From what Myles tells us, the gun was equally impressive on the range as well. 

"This gun is a tack driver. We had this at several range events, and we're just stacking holes. It's awesome," said Myles. In addition to feeling great in the hand, we could tell that some work has been done to upgrade that trigger even more so we're excited to see it the next time we're at the range. Check out what else Myles had to say about the gun in the video below.

In addition to the upgrades the gun still comes with two magazines and is optics-ready. Here are some specs for those keeping notes at home:

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 17+1
Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
Overall Length: 7.4 inches
Weight: 30 ounces
Width: 1.3 inches

The gun has an MSRP of $899, but can be found cheaper online. Keep your eyes on Guns.com for more news and reviews in the coming months on this and other Smith & Wesson firearms.

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