Texas-based Bond Arms has announced it is adding a pair of new rimfire double-barreled pistols to the catalog for 2023. 

The new models, both in Bond's familiar style of over/under single-action derringer, sport rebounding hammers and are constructed with stainless steel barrels and frames. The new guns include the 3-inch barreled Stinger RS with an integrated trigger guard and the more compact 2.5-inch Cowboy-frame (no trigger guard) Rawhide. Both have fixed sights, a two-shot capacity, and manual cross-bolt safeties. 

Fully compatible with all of Bond's "Hand-Cannon" series accessory barrels, the Rawhide runs thin nylon grips, uses a 2.5-inch barrel for a 4.5-inch overall length, and weighs 21 ounces. 


Bond Arms Rawhide 22
"Made after its namesake, the Rawhide .22LR pistol by Bond Arms is as tough as leather and made for the range. Perfectly at home as an everyday carry handgun or varmint control at camp and the ranch. Bond Arms’ Rawhide .22LR is a classic firearm destined to become a family heirloom," says Bond on the new gun. (Photo: Bond Arms)


Stinger RS


The Bond Arms Stinger RS has all the same features as the original Stinger-- which was offered in 9mm, .380 ACP, and .38 Special-- but it is being offered in a .22LR caliber. Unlike the Stinger 22, which used a lightweight alloy frame to keep in the 14-ounce range with a 3-inch barrel, the new Stinger RS is steel, bringing the weight up to 16 ounces. The overall length is 5 inches.


Bond Arms Stinger RS 22
"The rough and tumble-finished steel is rugged and durable, making the .22LR Stinger RS handgun both functional and handsome. The double barrel design fits easily in hand, while the precision action and trigger are a delight to shoot," says Bond on the newest Stinger installment. (Photo: Bond Arms)


The MSRP on both new Bond Arms .22s is $269-- the company's least expensive pistols.



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