Ruger has announced a new – and easy-to-manipulate – micro-compact pistol in .380 that can still be used on the range for hours of training with minimal fatigue.

Ruger introduced the Lite Rack series in 2020 with a .22 LR-chambered version of the LCP II pocket pistol. This new model, as its name would suggest, draws more from Ruger's Security 9 series and almost looks like a dead ringer for the Security 9 Compact. Striking out into its own category, the new .380 pistol has a flush-fit 10+1 capacity (15+1 with an extended mag) that uses the Lite Rack system, the latter of which includes refined slide serrations, pronounced cocking ears, and a lighter recoil spring to ensure easy manipulation of the slide.

The new Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack is small and concealable, with a 3.42-inch barrel allowing a 6.52-inch overall length. The width over the slide is right at an inch while the weight is just under 20 ounces. Height is just 4.35 inches with the 10+1 round mag inserted, making it almost pocketable. 

The new Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack
The Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack uses an aluminum chassis with full-length guide rails inside the polymer frame and features a blued, through-hardened alloy steel slide and barrel, keeping the weight down. (Photo: Ruger) 
The new Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack
Besides the easy-to-use Lite Rack system that is meant to help tame felt recoil and allow recoil-sensitive shooters to build skill and confidence at the range, the pistol includes a drift adjustable rear sight and fiber-optic front. (Photo: Ruger) 
The new Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack
MSRP on the pistol, which ships with two alloy steel magazines, a magazine load assist tool, and a locking device, is $369. (Photo: Ruger) 

The $369 MSRP on the new Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack makes it a good competitor for the market staked out by the S&W M&P EZ series, an 8+1 .380 with a comparable system.  

Graham Rockwell of Ruger joins Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin over at Gun Talk Media to chat about the new Security 380 and its features in the below video. 


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