The Democrat-controlled state legislature on Monday gave a final upvote to a strict new anti-concealed carry law, sending it to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy's promised signature. 

The state Senate had the dubious honor this week of voting 21-16, largely along party lines, in favor of General Assembly bill A4769. The lower house of the legislature had previously approved it in a 43-29 roll call last month. The bill has been described by both supporters and those opposed as perhaps the "toughest in the nation" when it comes to concealed-carry laws. 

As detailed by the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, a state Second Amendment group, S3214: 

  • Drastically increases the cost of obtaining permits and credentials.
  • Expands the already-rigorous New Jersey training requirements.
  • Uses social media and online posts as grounds to deny permits.
  • Requires gun owners to acquire insurance, even though it is not known whether or not this type of insurance is even available or legal. 
  • Bans carry in one’s own car.
  • Bans carry on all private property unless the owner posts signage permitting it.
  • Expands the number of “sensitive places” to include arenas, parks, beaches, restaurants, and theatres, among other public places.
  • Bans carry at public gatherings.
  • Denies carry permits utilizing subjective standards such as “temperament” and “character.”

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Sponsors of the bill say it is needed after the U.S. Supreme Court, in June's NYSRPA vs Bruen decision, rejected neighboring New York's restrictive "may-issue" concealed carry permitting scheme as unconstitutional. State Republicans, in the minority in the legislature, warn that it is the courts that will have the final say on the measure once Murphy signs it into law. 

"Federal judges have already ruled against sections of New York’s law that would restrict the carrying of guns in so-called ‘sensitive places’ and on private property,” said state Sen. Doug Steinhardt (R) in a statement. "It’s absolutely foolish for Trenton Democrats to plow ahead with similar restrictions in New Jersey that almost certainly will be found unconstitutional. Instead of targeting law-abiding gun owners who pose no threat, the Democratic Majority would better serve New Jersey by making an effort to hold career criminals accountable for the violent crimes they commit with illegal guns."

The Firearms Policy Coalition has weighed in on the bill in the past, saying, "The natural and enumerated rights of the People are simply outside the purview of The New Jersey Assembly. The right to keep and bear arms pre-exist the government itself. This right is not negotiable or subject to debate."

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