Ohio's Hi-Point Firearms is still working on the promised Yeet Cannon in 9mm but says the new JXP10 10mm version is in production and now shipping. 

Hi-Point & company has been flirting with the public to deliver the upgraded version of its redoubtable C9 series 9mm zinc-slide, blowback-action pistol to the market since at least 2019. Boasting more modern features such as Glock pattern grips, a threaded barrel, and the possibility of an optics cut for red dots. While the YC-9 hasn't quite materialized, the old C9 has been rebranded the Yeet Cannon G(en) 1 via a stencil along the slide and threaded barrel options to help put some salve on the open wound. 

The new JXP10 has many of the promised Yeet Cannon features, including a redesigned slide and grip while still falling back on the same mold as their other full-sized pistols in .40 S&W (JCP) and .45 ACP (JHP) while using the same mag as used by its Model 1095 carbine, which has been on the market since 2017ish

With an MSRP in the $200 smacker range, it will certainly be the most inexpensive 10mm pistol on the market, anywhere, a fixture that could make them a staple of cabins in bear country as a "just in case" type of gun in addition to making the "centimeter" more readily available to consumers. 

Hi-Point JXP10 pistol
Like the rest of Hi-Point's familiar line of budget guns, the new JXP10 runs a Zymak zinc-alloy slide and a polymer grip with a striker-fired blowback action. A list of features you aren't going to find from any other pistol maker. (Photo: Hi-Point)
Hi-Point JXP10 pistol
The weight is in the 36-ounce range, unloaded. (Photo: Hi-Point)

The Hank Strange podcast welcomed David from Hi-Point over the weekend and got the rundown on the Yeet Cannon (YC-9) and the very Yeet-like new 10mm. He also says the YC-9 is "stupid close" to release.

The TL; DR: 

  • Same 10-round mag as the 10mm Hi-Point Carbine.
  • Accessory rail on frame.
  • Same size frame as the JCP-40 and JHP-45 handgun.
  • Threaded barrel in .578x28 TPI.
  • Interchangeable front sight on a Glock pattern.
  • Still carries a lifetime warranty.
  • Has a magazine safety.
  • In production!
  • Shipping next week with dealers stocking them by SHOT Show.
  • MSRP is $225

The full Hank Strange clip on the 10mm Yeet Cannon: 


revolver barrel loading graphic