The windy desert can be harsh and cold outside of Las Vegas, but things still warmed up when the barrels started running through thousands of rounds to kick off SHOT Show 2023. was on hand to test anything and everything that’s new and or just cool and goes bang this year.

More than 2,000 members of the U.S. and international media were expected to attend this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and there were plenty of new guns on hand to keep things interesting all day at the live-fire range.

As hordes of eager shooters finally cleared the range at the end of the day on Monday, we pulled a few of our favorite pics from the event to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of one of the coolest firearms events in the world.

High-Volume Shooters


Franklin Armory Binary Trigger
Franklin Armory's Glock binary trigger was on hand, and that little giggle switch in the corner is always a hit on the range. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
Taurus TX22 Compact
Taurus was also on hand with its new TX22 Compact complete with a red dot and suppressor, two welcome features on a small semi-auto .22 pistol that can burn through mags as fast as you can pull the trigger. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
I think it's safe to assume we were particularly excited to try out Rock Island Armory's brand-new RIA 5.0, a hammer-fired design with a two-piece modular grip frame that uses a rectangular 4.91-inch barrel. Just check out the bore axis on that thing. (Photo: Seth Rogers/


Rise of the Revolvers


Rossi Revolvers
Rossi just launched a  trio of new .357 Magnum wheel guns, and by the power burns, you can tell they got some serious range time. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
Rossi Revolver
Of course, we did our part to get the new Rossi revolvers a bit dirtier. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
Taurus Revolvers
Taurus also came out with its new Executive Grade Judge in .410 bore/.45 Colt, right, and we couldn't pass up a chance to test it alongside the hard-hitting Raging Hunter on the right. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
Taurus Revolvers
Actually, Taurus rolled pretty deep with the revolvers this year and got extra tactical with some slick red-dot options. (Photo: Seth Rogers/


Oddball Tacticools


B&T KH9 Covert FDE 9mm Semi-Auto Folding Combat/Tactical Pistol
We weren't expecting to get into any folding yoga poses, but the B&T KH9 Covert folding tactical pistol/carbine is one flexible platform. Yeah, even that magazine well folds. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
KelTec P50 Carbine
Tossing a stock on KelTec's P50 released last year made for some interesting tacticool plinking. (Photo: Seth Rogers/
Flux Raider MP17
And rocking some serious "Mandalorian" vibes, the Flux Raider MP17 was blaster-level fun. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

Now that someone else is responsible for collecting all the spent brass at the range, we think it’s fair to note that SHOT Show 2023 technically kicks off on Tuesday. will be there in force all week to dig even deeper into the newest and coolest guns hitting the market. 


revolver barrel loading graphic