New guns are cool and all, but we do love to see a shout-out to the classics every now and then. Thanks to Winchester, one of America’s most beloved and collectible rifles – the M1 Garand – is getting some ammo-specific attention with the launch of the company’s new reduced-pressure Garand-specific .30-06 ammo.

Announced during SHOT Show 2023, the Greatest Generation’s battle rifle is finally getting some well-deserved love from a modern ammo-producing powerhouse. Beyond simply collecting, the M1 Garand has spent generations in America’s hunting fields and on its target-shooting ranges. But there was always an issue with picking the right ammo to feed this trusty classic and keep it humming along for generations to come.

Winchester M1 Garand Ammo
Built with M1 Garands in mind, Winchester’s “new” .30-06 round has lower pressures that are more in line with the proper function of the now classic rifle. (Image: Winchester)

Enter the 150-grain ball M2 round-nose bullet from Winchester with slower-burning powders. Now, those vintage M1s can hit the range without fear of over-pressure damage and wear. It’s an appreciated nod to an increasingly endangered gun most American shooters would like to see live a lot longer.

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