ATN made headlines last year by donating a large number of optics to help relief in Ukraine. ATN debuted the latest in thermal and digital optics at SHOT Show 2023, further advancing the technology they bring to the market. 


Thor 5 XD

First up is the Thor 5 XD thermal scope that has an HD resolution. Almost like it was straight out of the Call of Duty weapons customizer, the user can create any custom reticle, upload it, and it will be projected onto you sight plane. The optic will also display the custom reticle on any recordings. 

The Thor 5 XD promises to bring the latest in thermal and ballistic technology to you. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

As with previous iterations, this model can include a Laser Range Finder (LRF) that can ping all the way up to 1,000 yards. This LRF will work in tandem with the built-in ballistics calculator that will accurately track point of impact, making the necessary adjustments to the reticle.

The rifle has six different caliber profiles, offering the user the ability to swap rifles and calibers, if the profiles are built out and zeroed properly. The optic can also be controlled and streamed on a smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth. 

(Photo: ATN)

Coming with several different magnification options, the 1280x1024 HD version of this optic will be available at around $5,500, while the 320x240 and 640x480 resolution models will be available for less.

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X-Sight 5


The X-Sight offers a lot to hunters and precision shooters on a more affordable budget. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The X-Sight has been a great night vision optic for hunters and sportsmen for many years, and the new X-Sight 5 is even smaller and more compact than the X-sight 4K Pro. 

The fifth generation of the X-Sight offers the user the ability to not only see in 4k, but record in 4k, not just up-scaled resolution. The new generation sensor also takes into account the ambient temperature of the environment to make proper image adjustments. This optic also retains the same WiFi, Bluetooth, custom reticle, and different profile settings that the Thor 5 XD will include. 

This X-Sight 5- will start at around $900, while the LRF model will come in at around $1200. 

(Photo: ATN)
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