Billed as a "Constitutional Carry" proposal, key lawmakers in the Sunshine State on Monday unveiled legislation to make Florida the 26th state without a mandate a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner, R-Palm Court, along with co-sponsors from both chambers of the legislature endorsed HB 543 this week. The bill was introduced by Republican Rep. Chuck Brennan, who Renner acknowledged by saying, "Thank you, Representative Brannan, for filing HB 543 and protecting Floridians' right to protect themselves without the need for a government permission slip."

The 63-page bill wouldn't discard the state's popular Concealed Weapon Firearm License, or CWFL, program-- which has over 2.8 million active permits issued-- nor would it change who can and cannot possess a firearm. It would simply drop the requirement that those who wish to carry a legal, concealed firearm, could do it without jumping through the hoops to get a CWFL. It would also recognize the right of non-residents to do the same. 

Republicans hold a commanding 112 of 160 seats in the Florida legislature, easily controlling both chambers. Gov. Ron DeSantis, a popular Republican who just coasted to an easy reelection last November, has promised to sign a permitless carry bill should it reach his desk this session, saying, "So we’ll get that done."

Both of Florida's neighboring states to the North-- Alabama and Georgia-- have recently adopted similar permitless carry laws in the past year. 

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