Shot Show 2023 presented an AK at every turn this year, as many different companies unveiled new AK platforms. As a company that bears the revered name of the inventor of the AK, you can’t expect Kalashnikov USA (K-USA) to be left out of all the fun. However, they had an ace their sleeve this year, because not everything they released was a firearm, but it was all very exciting. Let’s check out everything you need to know about new releases from K-USA in 2023. 

K5 Series

K-USA has established a solid platform in the 7.62x39mm round, what the K5 series of rifles aims to do is expand into the two 5mm calibers that are also popular for the AK. 

Starting off with the KR-101 chambered in 5.56 NATO, AR owners now have an AK option that will not necessitate the need to purchase differing calibers. Lots of guys who have AR-15s already have been asking for this and now K-USA is happy to deliver in 2023.

The KR-101 scratches an itch that gun owners have been asking for. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Following the 5.56 rifle, the KR-74M is the 5.45x45mm version of the AK rifle. Chambered in the modern caliber choice of the Russian Federation and many former Soviet States, 5.45 is an extremely popular and effective round that offers less recoil and better ballistic performance over the 7.62x39mm cartridge.

A closer look at that included muzzle brake. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The K5 series rifles feature polymer furniture, a folding stock, and function designs of the Soviet AK-74M and AK-103 rifles, such as the iconic AK-74 muzzle brake and the 90-degree gas block. These are exciting and unique, as there have not been many mainstream sources for 5.56 AKs, and 5.45 AK have become unicorns in the past few years.

KR-104 and KP-104

The AK-104 was the Russian equivalent of the U.S. MK-18. As the MK-18 was the shortest barrel length for the M4 platform that would perform reliably, the AK-104 was the shortest that a 7.62 AK could get without effecting reliability and causing a design overhaul.  

The KP-104 offers a lot of firepower in a compact pistol package. Weird how all the braces were missing this year. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The AK-104 had an advantage over the MK-18, as 7.62x39 is less dependent upon barrel length for performance, as opposed to 5.56 which sees a very serious degradation as the barrel length decreases. 

K-USA is now offering the KP-104, which is their take on the innovative Russian 104 series. The KP-104 is the pistol version, while the KR-104 is the factory SBR rifle version of the design. Both feature a 12.25-inch cold hammer forged barrel, a polymer for end, and a side mounter for an optics rail. 



K-USA has developed a new 12-gauge AK-style firearm that will transfer on a normal 4473 as a non NFA weapon. This is over 26-inches, it does not feature a stock or a brace, and it utilizes a ‘bird’s head’ grip, similar to the Mossberg Shockwave which has been immensely popular.     

The Khaos upgrades on that design though and includes an M-Lok forend that is ergonomic and can accommodate the mounting of accessories.

Anticipate fun being had on the range with the K-USA Khaos. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Previous iterations of Saiga-style AK 12-gauges have struggled to load fully loaded magazines on a closed bolt. The Khaos features an improved follower for the magazine and a built-in magazine assist that pushes the rounds down while the magazine is being inserted on a closed bolt. The muzzle is threaded and there will be several muzzle brake options that help tame the recoil.

With all of the features and design thought that was put into this firearm, the Khaos presents itself as a great option for personal defense in tight quarters. 

K-USA Ammo

With the war raging in eastern Europe and the ammunition import ban that has been set forth by the current administration, affordable surplus 7.62X39mm ammo has become more difficult to source. 

A new ammo line was an unexpected announcement from K-USA this year, but we're not mad about it. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

As the surplus dries up, Kalashnikov USA has recognized this need and has struck a deal with an ammunition factory in Azerbaijan and is now importing their own line of 7.62X39mm ammo into the U.S. 


K-USA accessories

Shot Show 2023 also has Kalashnikov USA showing off their skeletonized magazines, their K21 M-LOK AK rail system, and the import of their own line of optics which are currently used by the South Korean military. 

There was also a collaboration with Blue Force Gear, creating a quality Vickers AK sling that mimics the old soviet look, while also offering the comforts and functions of a modern rifle sling.  

New skeletonized mags inbound. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/
A collab with Blue Force Gear. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/
Plus, their own optics being introduced. Things are looking up for K-USA in 2023. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/


Kalashnikov USA is on a mission to produce the best American Made AKs on the market, and with these new editions, they are quickly establishing an impressive selection. Innovation and quality are very apparent in their products and 2023 is bound to be a big year for the company. 

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