Aero Precision is living up to its name and finally entering the precision rifle game. 

The Aero Precision Solus is a bolt-action rifle system that will be offered as a stand-alone action, barrel action, chassis system, or a complete rifle. The Solus action has a Remington 700 footprint with an integral recoil lug, an integral 20-MOA top rail, and a three-lug interchangeable bolt head. The system is made to accept Zermatt Arms pre-fit barrels and Savage small-shank barrels, which can be installed with a barrel nut.

Aero Precision Solus
You can buy the Solus as a complete kit. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Aero has cut its teeth in the AR market, offering a build-a-bear style of shopping experience that allows customers serious customizability with its AR platform. The custom platforms offer the ability to save money in the long run by purpose-building firearms to fit individual needs. 

Aero Precision Solus
Or you can buy the action as a stand-alone item. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Now, for a whole different style of platform, the Aero Solus provides that same level of customization for folks looking to maximize a precision rifle build. 

The stand-alone action will come in at around $900, while the complete rifle will fall in at about $2,000. 

revolver barrel loading graphic