The cult favorite, hulking tank of a semi-automatic pistol is getting new face paint for 2023. Though we first thought it might be an April Fools in January, this one is for real. Love it or hate it, the sweet flavor is now a color on one of the world’s most recognizable pistols. 

While the Desert Eagle is known for its hefty stainless-steel build, the pistol has also developed a reputation for unusual and striking finishes. This one is certainly no different: the gun is done up in metallic Black Cherry Cerakote. The barrel, frame, and trigger guard – the vast majority of the Deagle – are all black cherry. The rubberized grips are black with Magnum Research’s eagle logo. The controls, meanwhile – trigger, safety, hammer, and slide release – remain black.

Black Cherry Desert Eagle
The controls and grip panels are black but are quite striking in comparison to the new color. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Magnum Research’s director of manufacturing and engineering, Joby Georges, hits the nail on the head, saying, “Fans of the Desert Eagle want a gun that makes a statement, and the Black Cherry finish does just that!” 

Black Cherry Deagle
Now that is smooth. (Photo: Chris Eger/
Black Cherry Deagle
(Photo: Chris Eger/


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Though we’re not certain what that statement is, exactly, it is a fresh color in the firearms world. This is truly a case of “love it or hate it.” And after scrolling through the company’s social media reactions expecting disbelief, laughter, or complaints, we found most commenters were digging the new look.

Not only that, a line was forming at Shot Show to check out the new color – and the surrounding full contingent of Magnum Research products. For what it’s worth, the company was also showing off a couple of custom builds and trial finishes, including a smooth blue with gold controls. 

Black Cherry Desert Eagle
Some things, like the Pic rail, on the Deagle will never change. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle Mark XIX is a gas-operated semi-auto with a seven-round capacity in .50 AE and eight-round for the .44 Magnum. There’s an aggressive Picatinny rail, integral muzzle brake, rubberized grips, and ambidextrous safety. Aside from the pistol’s movie stardom and pop culture status, what draws buyers and shooters time and again is the high level of customization, aesthetics, and function. 

The unique Black Cherry Desert Eagle pistol finish has officially joined 10 other finish options on the company’s website: black, black tiger stripe, brushed chrome, burnt bronze, case hardened, polished chrome, titanium gold, titanium gold tiger stripe, tungsten, and distressed white matte. If you can dream it, it’s likely the fine folks at Magnum Research headquarters in Minnesota are making it happen. 

Black Cherry Desert Eagle
Another thing you can bet your bottom dollar on is this Deagle, like all others, will be made right here in the U.S.A. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

While this particular piece may only be ideal for hunting, in say, a fruit orchard or an enclosed blind, that’s certainly not the point. Whether hunting, collecting, seeking range-time gawkers, or simply shooting, the Desert Eagle remains one of the most highly sought options even after 25 years. These pistols, made in the USA, are both head turners and performers much like Magnum Research’s Biggest, Finest Revolver (BFR). Magnum Research falls under Kahr Firearms Group ownership, which includes Kahr, Thompson, and Auto-Ordnance

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Black Cherry Desert Eagle
Add Black Cherry to a lineup that already has some of the most unique color combos on the market. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
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