Offering a seemingly limitless sea of parts, accessories, chassis, and other mods for a host of firearms, it would probably take hours to really sort through all the offerings Strike Industries brought out for SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas this year.

Honestly, we’d love to dig that deep, but time was limited on the SHOT Show floor, so we decided to focus on some of the coolest and newest items from Strike for 2023. Here’s a rundown of the things that immediately caught our eye. 

SIG P320 Strike Modular Chassis


Strike Modular Chassis
Ready to give your P320 a serious upgrade? (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Built for the SIG Sauer P320, this version of the SMC comes in a basic kit that is already out on the market for consumers. Effectively converting your standard P320 handgun unto a mini carbine-like firearm, the system includes QD attachment points and a removable/folding stabilizer. The system extends the backside of the pistol, and, in an fantastic nod to lefty shooters, the stabilizer can fold to either the left or right side. Or you can rapidly remove it entirely from the handgun.

Knowing its audience and the modularity of the P320 system, Strike Industries ensured the system would “play well with others.” So, the company designed the SMC to support modified P320s for folks who like to run things like compensators. 

Strike Modular Chassis
It also comes in a full-size version. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Even the system itself is modular with the ability to add on a blast shield, forward grip/extra magazine holder, and two different chassis-mounted comps. The SMC comes in a short version as well as an elongated full-size option that includes a full top Picatinny rail with a longer bottom rail for lights and lasers. 

Strike Modular Chassis
With a very ambi folding stabilizer/stock. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/
Strike Modular Chassis
And side and rear charging capabilities. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/
Strike Modular Chassis
A rear backstrap attachment is also on the way. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the full-size SMC is the addition of a rear charging handle. For the completists out there, Strike Industries also has a metal P320 magazine extension. Additionally, a grooved backstrap is coming soon that will connect to the chassis’ bottom for standard-sized pistols.

AK Handguard & Stabilizer/Stock

After almost a decade, Strike is also jumping back into the AK world with its new polymer, M-LOK handguards, and stabilizer/stock kits. Strike still offers its more legacy Trax 1 and 2 systems. The new offering reduces the weight while keeping the system easy to wield even if you’re not wearing gloves. 

Strike AK Handguard
(Photo: Seth Rodgers/

As the sea of AK options is rather diverse, Strike is also offering adapter kits so you can customize the handguard to your particular AK platform. While it may not fit every single AK on the market – what handguard can? – the ability to adapt the KP-9 to various AKs is appreciated. The kit also includes a folding stabilizer/stock that uses a Pic adapter and folds to either the left or the right. 

Strike’s representative had us doing a bit of double-take when he pointed out that there was also a Strike AirTag holder on the back of the demo AK. The holder allows users to physically track the location of their guns in real-time with a smartphone, which is a rather unique addition.

Kriss Vector Handguard

No one can accuse the Kriss Vector of being an unimaginative firearm already. Heck, the gun has an articulated system that allows the bolt to move down behind the magazine well. Unique is hardly an issue, but Strike took a stab at making the platform even more unique anyway.

Strike Kriss Vector Handguard
(Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The new handguard brings multiple sections of M-LOK to the front of the gun for lights, handstops, foregrips, you name it. Following the growing trend of suppressors, Strike built the handguard to allow it to still fit most cans for those who want quiet time. 

Strikes minimalist fold-up front and rear sights were also on display. Mounted to the Kriss Vector’s top Pic rail, the sights provide a fairly simple notch and front blade sight picture when folded. They transform into a fully adjustable dual-diopter rear and front post when folded up for more precision shooting. 

Other Highlights


Modular Ruger 10/22 Chassis

Strike 10/22 Chassis
(Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Strike is all about chassis systems, and its 10/22 chassis lends itself both to the Ruger 10/22 rifle and the 10/22 Charger pistol. Options exist for both a collapsible and folding stabilizer/stock.

Glock 43 LiteSlide

Expanding its slide offerings that already included the Glock 19/17, Strike now has a LiteSlide for the Glock 43 – a gun we continue to see excel as a go-to purchase here at The slide can be run on the Glock 43, Glock 43X, and Glock 48 frames. Featured inside the demo gun at SHOT Show was Strike’s stylized and crowned match barrel. There’s also an option to buy a completion kit if you want all of Strike Industries’ goodies inside your gun.

Strike Micro Comp & RMR-to-Acro Optic Adapter

Strike Mini Comp and Adapter
(Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Compensators and red dots on pistols are all the rage, and Strike isn’t leaving that market on the table with its micro comp and RMR-to-Acro adapters. The optic adapter will fit on any of the company’s LiteSlides and numerous other RMR-ready slides on the market, while the comp can be used with just about any slide size with a 1/2x28 TPI threaded barrel.

Customized SIG P365

Strike P365 Handgun
(Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Featuring Strikes match barrel and slide, the P365 on display at SHOT Show also had the company’s prototype grip module with an angled and contoured grip. The whole package takes a standard P365 and allows you to improve accuracy while also enlarging the grip size for larger hands.

revolver barrel loading graphic