With strict Constitutional safeguards, coupled with a business-friendly attitude at the highest levels, Oklahoma has embraced the right to keep and bear arms.
We interviewed Gov. Kevin Stitt, a fourth-generation Oklahoman and a graduate of Oklahoma State University who has been in office since 2019, about the intersection of Second Amendment rights and the firearms industry in the Sooner State.
"Oklahoma is the most business-friendly state in the country, and we welcome all gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers to the great state of Oklahoma," said Stitt. "We will protect and believe in the second amendment."
Those aren't just words, either.
The first bill signed into law by Stitt in 2019 made Oklahoma only the 16th state to recognize permitless carry, enacted over the howls of billionaire-backed anti-gun groups. The Republican also signed a measure to make Oklahoma a Second Amendment Sanctuary State as well as a bill that bars cities and counties in the state from enacting so-called "red flag" gun seizure schemes.
And he is only getting started.
"We're going to push back on any kind of banking relationship or discrimination on any of our companies in our state that go contrary to our way of life," Stitt told Guns.com. "And we're not afraid to push back against the federal government if they try to get into our way of life or what our Constitution says. Our Attorney General, myself, we're very happy pushing back."
Of note, Oklahoma is one of 26 states currently in litigation against the ATF's looming rule change on pistol stabilizing braces, a shift that could make potentially millions across the country in violation of NFA regulations against unregistered possession of short barreled rifles.


$414 Million Annual Impact


According to 2021 data from federal regulators, Oklahoma was home to no less than 68 Type 07 FFLs – firearms manufacturers. This includes International Firearms in Midwest City, which made over 11,000 shotguns that year, along with precision rifle maker and trigger expert Rise Armament in Broken Arrow. Also located in Broken Arrow is custom AR maker Black Fire Forge.
Such companies across the state, counted with hundreds of retail locations that sell firearms, ammunition, and hunting equipment, employed as many as 1,281 people in Oklahoma in 2021, as estimated by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Further, those endeavors generate an additional 1,421 jobs for their suppliers and related industries. This translates to a whopping $414 million-per-year economic impact on the state.

NSSF Chart for Oklahoma gun industry jobs
Chart: NSSF, 2021 figures

Stitt contends that the combination of being pro-business and pro-Second Amendment is a win across the board for the state.
"Oklahoma is the right spot to be located. We are actually number 10 in the country in migration – net migration, people moving to the state from other states – sets our growth rate. Something we are really proud of. Not per capita but true numbers right now," he said. "Because people are waking up and they are saying, 'Man, this is nonsense that these other states are telling us what an essential business is, what a non-essential business is, and the crackdown and the overregulation on certain industries,' and people are finding freedom in states like Oklahoma."

Banner image: Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) pays a visit to the Rise Armament booth at the 45th Annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas last month. (Photo: Rise Armament)

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