The latest statistics from federal regulators point to a big jump in production for the most recent year available. 

The current Annual Firearms Manufacturers and Export Report, released by the ATF late last month, covers the 2021 calendar year. The finalized AFMER is purposely a year behind to protect industry secrets and to allow for all of the data to be compiled. The total figures for 2021 amounted to 13,129,493 firearms of all types-- pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and miscellaneous. 


The 2021 figures show that almost half the total production came from pistols, with most of those in the 9mm caliber range. (Chart: ATF)


When compared to the finalized 2020 year-end figures of 11,064,078, the latest figures represent a significant 18.7 percent increase. 


By comparing the 2021 data against the 2020 totals, shown here, the biggest jumps came in pistols (6,751,919 vs 5,509,183) but all categories save for miscellaneous firearms saw a significant increase. (Chart: ATF)


Diving deeper into the overall totals for 2021, let us look at the largest manufacturers in terms of quantity in each category. Keep in mind this is just for modern small arms made in America and doesn't include imports from overseas or muzzleloaders. 


Top 10 Pistol Producers



Top 10 Revolver Producers



Top 10 Rifle Producers



Top 10 Shotgun Producers



Top 10 Misc Firearms Producers


This category, besides being a catch-all for everything that cannot be classified by the ATF as a pistol, rifle, revolver, or shotgun, gets its large numbers due to standalone receivers (which for instance can be assembled into rifles or pistols for instance) and non-shotgun "firearms" such as the Mossberg Shockwave and RemArms Tac-13/Tac-14. 


Banner image: A production worker testing a Smith & Wesson revolver. The publicly traded company was the number one pistol maker in terms of quantity in 2021 in addition to being the number three revolver and rifle maker. (Photo: Chris Eger/

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