A Texas lawmaker has filed a resolution in the state legislature to let the federal government know all the guns in his district have been lost in boating accidents. 

The measure, HCR 54, would notify "the federal government of the tragic loss of firearms, accessories, and ammunition of all private gun owners in Hunt, Hopkins, and Van Zandt Counties, and possibly other counties, in a series of alleged boating accidents." 

The resolution was filed Tuesday by state Republican Rep. Bryan Slaton, who contends the heads-up to Washington is needed due to "recent attacks on the 2A by Joe Biden," referencing the President's repeated rhetoric in pushing for outlawing the future sales of common semi-automatic firearms and their standard capacity magazines. 

"I am deeply sorry for the citizens of House District 2 for their alleged loss," said Slaton on the resolution's filing. "I join my constituents in their alleged mourning, and I encourage all of my colleagues in the Legislature to investigate if there was a similar alleged series of accidents in their districts, and inform the Federal Government of the same, by adding their counties to this resolution so that we do not add insult to injury."

Texas is one of 16 states that have officially warned the White House over President Biden’s recent "irresponsible, radical, and unconstitutional statements" in favor of new federal gun bans. 

Banner image: Chris Eger/Guns.com

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