The SIG Sauer P-series is often considered the gold standard for double/single-action hammer handguns. While the SIG P226 has an elite track record, the P229 has also garnered quite the reputation with law enforcement agencies around the world.

Let’s take a look at these law enforcement trade-in SIG P229Rs in .40 S&W that recently arrived at the GDC warehouse.

Trade-in Triggers

While many police contract handguns are modified with less-desirable double-action-only (Law Enforcement Modified) triggers, here we have a set of LEO trade-in SIG P229R pistols chambered in .40 S&W that come with standard double/single-action triggers. 

The “R” in the model name means this version of the gun comes with a rail. As with most LE contract requirements, the slide has been outfitted with night sights, although the tritium is just about at the end of its shelf life. 

A Compact P226


SIG Sauer P229 in Galco holster
A P229 fitted with a Galco Royal Guard holster makes a compact and comfortable IWB carry. (Photo: Chris Eger/

The SIG P229 is the compact version of the P226 and features a metal frame and slide, which differs from most of the polymer-framed guns on the market. The added weight from the metal gives the gun a more robust feel and helps tame the recoil better than its composite counterpart. 

Ergonomically, the slide release sits farther back on the P229, as opposed to many other handguns, offering the ability to drop or lock the slide without breaking your grip. The de-cocker sits in front of the slide release, also in an accessible position. 

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The P229 is fun to shoot on the range and is accurate, the target representing a timed 50-round course of fire moving from the 3 to the 25. (Photo: Chris Eger/

While it seems as if it is a recent trend to make a firearm with a compact slide that retains the same grip-size and magazine capacity as the full-sized gun, SIG has been doing this for decades. The P229 uses the same 12-round .40 S&W magazine capacity as the full-sized P226 in the same caliber. 

Reliable Reputation

Adding a U.S. military branch to its resume, the SIG P229 in .40 S&W is the standard-issue firearm for the United States Coast Guard. As always, a gun that is trusted by law enforcement is something that you too can use with confidence. 

Trade-in guns are like shelter animals – they just need a good home. Stay up to date with the Police Trade-Ins dropdown on, and keep current with all of the different LEO firearms becoming available. 

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