The shortest month of the year flew by and we have tallied up the best-selling guns in February 2023 for you. The SHOT Show effect is already on display, with Smith & Wesson showing up with a new gun that was just released at the show. There are still some familiar favorites returning to the list, but there are some surprises as well. Overall, the trend of great deals and quality used guns still holds strong in February, and we'll be sure to keep bringing you great deals in March and beyond. 

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Top 5 Handguns

Smith & Wesson dropped its new 5.7 NATO pistol at SHOT Show 2023, and there was a lot of excitement around it. In February, S&W was able to prove that the American appetite for affordable 5.7 NATO pistols hasn't subsided since Ruger kicked off the trend a couple years back. Taurus continued the affordable trend by coming in second with the G2c, which has been a staple on this list since we started making it.

Speaking of staples, Glock is never counted out on these lists, with the G43X and the G19 Gen 5 coming in third and fifth respectively. We had an exclusive deal with SIG for a P365 XL Spectre Comp Live Free or Die exclusive pistol, which we wouldn't call affordable, but it sure is cool. Lots of people have taken an interest, but this is a limited-edition gun, so if you want one you better grab it now. 

Top 5 Rifles & Carbines

"Affordable" is the name of the game when it comes to rifles and carbines in February. We just love giving out deals, and with prices so low, you just love buying them up. The ET Arms Plum Crazy continues its crazy domination of this list, but with a price point under $400, with the 60-round mag, it's tough to say no. S&W jumps back onto this list with the proven and capable M&P-15 Sport II, which we've proven are best sellers for a reason. Coming in third is the ATI Milsport, which sports a price tag just slightly north of the Plum Crazy.

While you might see the SFAR price tag and think it's kind of pricey, it's incredibly affordable given all the features and market value of AR-10 rifles. Finally, the king of affordability, Hi-Point, rounds out the list with its affordable and robust 995TS carbine

Top 5 Shotguns

Mossberg continues its domination in February by claiming the top three spots on this chart. The Maverick 88 Security is a shotgun you're sure to find on this chart every month – mainly because it's affordable and reliable, which is why we think it deserves to be a top seller. The 940 Pro Tactical has been a regular on this list ever since the gun was introduced last year, despite its higher-than-average price tag for a shotgun. Finally, the 590A1 Tactical Retrograde makes another appearance on this list, adding some retro flair to our otherwise modern list of shotguns.

Keltec is no stranger to this list either, and people love their space-age, futuristic shotguns for home defense or just as fun range guns. The KS7 and KSG round out this list respectively. 

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