While the shine of SHOT Show has all but worn off, some booths just don’t get the attention they need or deserve. One of those booths was Hold My Guns, a group that aims to make firearms storage safe and easy for those who need a place to safely hold their firearms. The non-profit teamed up with Natalie Eva Marie, of WWE fame, to help promote the noble cause at SHOT Show 2023.

What is Hold My Guns?

HoldMyGuns.org is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to safe storage of firearms for those in need. The reasons someone might need a safe place are varied, but until the organization came about, there wasn’t a clear and reliable way gun owners could feel safe and secure handing their guns to someone. The nonprofit aims to change that, while building a network of FFLs nationwide to discreetly take in guns without the stigma that surrounds giving up one’s guns temporarily.

In the end, Hold My Guns is dedicated to preventing suicide, accidental shooting, and theft of firearms. The organization plans to do this while preserving the rights of gun owners, championing mental health, and broadening the community.

Why Use Hold My Guns?

Whether an individual needs to temporarily hand over their firearms due to mental health reasons, leaving town, showing a house, or any number of other reasons, Hold My Guns is dedicated to making sure that the process is seamless and discreet. One of the big stigmas around handing guns to someone else in a time of need is the burden on the other person, along with the fear that you might be put on a list or subjected to some sort of “red flag law,” which seems unfair for someone who is trying to do the right thing.

Hold My Guns aims to break this stigma by creating a network of FFLs well-versed in crisis awareness training who can hold onto someone’s guns until the person is ready to take them back. This network of gun owners ensures that the individual will never be placed on any government list and that the guns will stay secure in a safe location.

The Future is Bright with Saving Lives & Preserving Freedoms

The organization is still in its infancy but seeks to expand rapidly in the coming years. The hope is to have a vast network of FFLs all over the country so that in a time of need, gun owners have a place not too far from home to safely store their firearms.

If you are an FFL or know of an FFL who would be interested in joining the network, please contact Hold My Guns through their request form. 

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