There were some big announcements of new guns in March 2023 that saw Americans turn out in droves for a chance to shoot one. Of course, at we're always looking for great deals, and this month was no exception. We had some blockbuster deals on firearms across the board and saw some of our biggest turnouts yet from freedom-loving Americans in the market for a new gun. Check out all the best sellers in March of 2023.

Top 5 Handguns

This was a huge month for handguns. It was especially noteworthy because the perennial king of sales, Glock, has been dethroned and thrown out of the castle. You can likely attribute this mainly to some crazy deals we had. It's not every month that you see a 1911A1 as the top-selling handgun, but that's exactly what you'll find with the Tisas 1911A1 this month. At that price it's hard to argue. We also are offloading some Century Arms Draco 9S fun guns at a steal, which has not gone unnoticed. The always reliable G2C pops into the list at number three, while the new M&P 5.7 continues its sterling sales debut, coming in at number four. The Ruger Security 380 is a bit of an anomaly, but since we just published one heck of a review on that gun, it's not totally surprising it see it at number five. 

Top 5 Rifles & Carbines

Talk about an announcement! Technically, Smith & Wesson announced the M&P FPC Folding Carbine on Feb. 28, but the sales in March have been off the chart, doubling the amount from the next highest seller. Speaking of second place, the budget-priced ET Arms Plum Crazy had such strong sales that we're temporarily out of stock. Keep checking back, as we'll be sure to re-up the affordable crowd pleaser in the next couple months. For just a few shillings more you can have an ATI Milsport, which is sure to get the job done just as well. Enough people liked it in March that it lands at number three. While the last two guns have focused on budget-friendly appeal, the next one is anything but. The Ruger rebranding of Marlin continues to post impressive sales, despite a price tag that is a bit on the higher end, especially for this list. But the Model 1895 SBL takes fourth place in March. Don't worry, you bargain shoppers, rounding out the list at number five is the always budget-friendly and reliable Hi-Point 995TS.

Top 5 Shotguns

From practical to tactical to lever action, the month of March threw a little taste of everything at us when it came to shotgun sales. Number one should come as no surprise, as the Maverick 88 Security shotgun regularly dons top spot on this list. However, second place belongs to the capable A300 Ultima Patrol, which breaks onto this list for the first time. Third place is even more intriguing, but not a shock as we've had a great deal on the GForce LVR410. This gun has been a pleasant surprise to shoot and shows the resurgence in lever shotguns might be here for a while. The dependable and affordable Stevens 320 Security comes in fourth, while the tactical M&P 12 Bullpup rounds out the list, marking S&W's third appearance on the list this month. 

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