FN finally jumped into the micro compact 9 game on Tuesday by announcing the new Reflex pistol line in multiple colors and optics-ready variants. 

FN's small handgun game has been evolving over the years, to include the palm-sized FN 503, a well-done single-stack that rivaled the G43. To this, while the company introduced Compact and Compact Compensated Edge models of the double-stack FN 509s, it was still lacking a real equivalent to guns like the SIG P365 or Springfield Armory Hellcat

Well, those days are over.

Meet the Reflex. 


FN reflex pistols
The FN Reflex, is available in both black and FDE colorways, as well as in MRD optics-ready and standard models, and in both full-flavored and state-restricted models. The optic mounting system is compatible with the Shield RMSc, Holosun K-series and is capable of accepting more than six micro red dot optics with similar footprints. (Photos: FN) 


With a slimline slide that hits that magic 1-inch width, options for both 15+1 round extended and 11+1 round flush-fit magazines, and an overall length of just 6.2-inches with a 3.3-inch barrel, the Reflex soundly beats the company's 503 and 509C/CC series in terms of specs, while comfortably cruising in the same neck of the woods as the P365 & company. 

Plus-- and this could be kind of a big deal with trigger snobs on micro compacts-- the Reflex has an internal SAO hammer with an advertised "smooth 5-pound" trigger pull. This also means it is easier to rack and doesn't need to have the trigger pulled during the takedown process. 

When compared to the other micro compact 9s out there, which are all striker-fired, FN considered this to give their new guns a class-leading capability. 


FN reflex pistols
Other standard features include a cold hammer-forged barrel that is target-crowned for accuracy and includes a polished chamber and ramp for reliability. (Photo: FN) 


"The concealed carry 9mm pistol category is the fastest growing pistol segment in our industry because more and more people are taking their personal protection seriously. But their choices have been limited to a few options, until now,” said Chris Cole, FN America's VP of Sales and Marketing. "With the release of the FN Reflex and Reflex MRD, consumers have a new choice that embraces future-forward concealed carry technology. It is the first micro-compact handgun to solve the tradeoffs for accuracy, deep concealment, and max capacity, which consumers have often compromised on in the past. We’re confident this new pistol has set a new standard for everyday carry."

The MSRP of the new FN Reflex series ranges from $599 for the basic models to $659 for the MRD optics-ready variants.


FN reflex pistols
Along with the release of the pistols, FN has developed and launched an ambidextrous inside-the-waistband holster for the FN Reflex and FN Reflex MRD. With a thin profile for IWB concealment, the injection-molded holster provides complete retention and immediate access. (Photos: FN)


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