Texas-based Bond Arms, the country's go-to maker of double-barreled derringer-style handguns in usable calibers, has an ultra-compact new 9mm for 2023. 

Based on experience and feedback that the company gleaned from its Rough Series Stinger line-- which is offered in .22LR and 380 ACP, the new Stubby does much the same but in 9mm with shorter barrels and no trigger guard. Purpose-built for discreet carry, it runs a 2.2-inch barrel which gives it an overall length of just 4.5 inches. Meanwhile, it is pocketable, coming in at just 3.75 inches high and, due to slim composite grips, is only 0.31 inches wide. 

The weight on the "last ditch" little 9mm is 13.3 ounces. 


Bond Arms stubby
Sights are a standard fixed blade with an integrated notch on the receiver itself-- keep in mind it is not meant for Olympic 25M competitions. Bond says the sight picture is perfect for 8-10 yards. 


There is no trigger guard and, being single-action-only, once you cock the hammer the pistol offers what is billed as a 7-pound trigger. 

The MSRP on the palm-sized Stubby is $297. 

Gordon Bond with Bond Arms shows its small size when compared to the company's legacy Stinger.



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