With an easy-loading barrel akin to that seen on pocket .22s in the past but in a 14-shot .380, Florida-based European American Armory may have a hit on its hands with the new Girsan MC 14 T.

Always eager to check in with EAA when we can, Guns.com stopped by the company's booth at last week's NRA Annual Meeting to see the new tip-up .380 up close. The company sees the MC 14 T as ideal for those wanting a compact carry pistol with a quick loading procedure, minimal moving parts, and requiring less hand strength to rack than contemporary designs. 

the EAA Girsan MC 14 T
The weight on the EAA Girsan MC 14 T is 22.4 ounces, a rough match for the Italian-made Beretta Model 81 Cheetah. However, the MC 14 T can be loaded via the tip-up barrel. Also, note the bottom optional accessory base pad, which can hold a spare round for easy loading. (Photo: Guns.com) 

The price of the MC 14 T is attractive, set at $498 for the MSRP. That's about $150 less than the current asks on the much smaller .22/.25/.32 caliber Bobcat and Tomcat. Comparatively, that price point is in line with Smith & Wesson's 8+1 capacity M&P380 Shield EZ series, a polymer-framed carry gun named for its easy-to-rack slide. 

EAA tells us the Girsan MC 14 T is currently shipping. 

More on how it handles on the range with EAA's Paul Richter. 



Photos and video by Samantha Mursan, copy by Alexander Reville and Chris Eger, video editing by Ben Philippi, copy editing by Melea Burke.

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