With AR-15s becoming ever more popular in the United States, questions over “Who makes the best AR-15 and what accessories are right for me?” are common. While there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, a handful of brands have taken the industry by storm and are quickly becoming the go-to options for firearms enthusiasts nationwide. 

That was the inspiration for this package. Guns.com wanted to offer the end user the “one-stop” shopping experience by kitting out a rugged rifle with dependable, industry-leading components. 

The Gun


Ruger AR-556 MPR Model 8539 with SIG Sauer Romeo 5 red dot sight and Magpul MS1 sling
Ruger's AR-556 MPR is a popular AR-15 for good reason. We picked a limited-edition Cerakoted version for this tac pack so you'll stand out from the crowd. (Photo: Samantha Mursan/Guns.com)

First up, and the core of this package: the rifle. Ruger’s AR-556 MPR is remarkably popular among seasoned shooters and first timers alike. Ruger has been making the AR-556 for quite a while and has offered it in a variety of configurations. 

After years of staggering sales, the reviews remain as positive as ever, but that is Ruger’s game. The company offers American-made firearms that can take a beating, split hairs, and won’t break the bank. That is why we picked this rifle for our customers. We even tried to go above and beyond by snagging this limited-edition Cerakoted version (AR-556 MPR Model 8539).

The Optic


Ruger AR-556 MPR Model 8539 with SIG Sauer Romeo 5 red dot sight
A lightweight Romeo 5 red dot sight from SIG Sauer tops off the rifle to help pick up your target quickly. (Photo: Samantha Mursan/Guns.com)

To complement this Ruger AR-556 MPR, we selected quality components from equally well-respected brands. First on that list is the SIG Sauer Romeo 5 red dot. SIG Sauer is a brand that needs no introduction. 

From U.S. military firearms to premium binoculars and everything in between, anything branded SIG is expected to work and be worth the money. The Romeo 5 is lightweight and offers quick target acquisition with its 2-MOA red dot. Plus, it offers up to 50,000 hours of run time between battery swaps. 

Other Goodies

The other added components to this package are from Magpul, another brand that really needs no introduction. If you’ve been around firearms for any period of time, chances are you know what Magpul is about. We included two additional Magpul Pmags (Gen 3 window mags in Coyote) and an MS1 sling. These products are well vetted, and while they aren’t necessary to the rifle’s function, many gun owners prefer to have additional magazines and a sling. 


In conclusion, the goal of this package is to offer our customers a convenient way to get a desirable loadout in one quick purchase. Simply install the red dot, set up the sling, load the mags, and you’re ready for the range! 

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