Ruger is adding some more 5.7 NATO flair to its growing arsenal of firearms chambered in the speedy cartridge. The LC Charger is the pistol variant of the popular LC Carbine released late last year and follows the same lineage. The pistol sports the same 5.7x28mm chambering as its bigger brother but cuts the barrel down to 10.3 inches, while losing the stock, making the overall length a stout 16 inches.

There is a lot to like about the latest addition to the Ruger lineup. (All Photos: Ruger)

Notably, the overall length is actually shorter than the barrel of its bigger brother, which sports a 16.25-inch barrel. An obvious reduction in weight will also be felt, with the LC Charger clocking in at a slim 4.2 pounds. This makes the new LC Charger ideal for small game hunting, home defense, hiking, or just as another fun range buddy.

The Ruger LC Charger is a large format pistol chambered in the zippy 5.7 NATO. 

Fans of the Carbine or the popular Ruger-5.7 pistol will be happy to see the ergonomics, controls, and magazines all carry over in the LC Charger. The trigger features the same secure action and smooth pull as felt on the other two platforms. The Nitride finished barrel is also threaded like the Carbine for attachments of suppressors. It features a flat top Picatinny rail and an M-LOK handguard for optics and attachments.

Besides including the hand stop, Ruger added a little Pic rail on the back for when braces are deemed legal again.

While the LC Charger doesn’t include the same flip-up sights that the Carbine has, it does include a single steel magazine, ambi mag release button, M-LOK QD socket, and hand stop. Not bad for an MSRP of $999.

Now, if we could only get 5.7 ammo a little cheaper. Regardless, we expect this to sell quite well in the coming weeks and months.

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