The Draco 9S from Century Arms is one of the newest iterations of the 9mm AK pistol. Merging the familiarity of the AK design with lower recoil, inexpensive ammo, and an easy-to-store nature creates a popular choice for PCC lovers. 


Anytime a popular firearm design finds success, it does not take long for scaled-down pistol caliber versions to arise. In recent years, the AK platform has seen a lot of 9mm variants. 

Unfortunately, Russia has not shared the design of the original 9mm AK produced for its armed forces. Sadly, this has stunted the development of a domestic clone. 

From rifles to pistols, many companies have pursued the concept of having the common and popular design chambered in a pistol caliber. Century Arms has imported and helped develop many reverse-engineered 9mm AKs, with varying degrees of success.

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Design Features

The Century Arms Draco 9S Nova is a simple blowback operation that mimics the furniture and features of most AK pistols. This handgun has a standard AK pistol grip, a typical wood AK handguard, a hinged top cover with a Picatinny rail, a threaded barrel, a standard AK safety lever, a standard AK ladder sight, and a rear mounted sling swivel. 

So where does the Draco 9S set itself apart from the competition? 

Arguably, one of the most important features of a firearm is the magazine. From ergonomics to reliability to availability, the magazine can make or break the appeal of any new model. The magazine has been a weak point for previous AK PCCs, as most are proprietary, expensive, and lacking in ergonomics. 

The Draco 9S uses CZ Scorpion EVO magazines. The CZ magazines are proven to be reliable and ergonomic, as they were designed for a PCC pistol. They’re also widely available from several manufacturers, keeping market competition that drives the price down. The Scorpion magazine also has a standard 35-round capacity, another notch ahead of other magazine choices.


While there are several 9mm Aks on the market, the Draco 9S is one of the most affordable. With the inexpensive chambering, budget-friendly magazine choice, and the familiar design and operation of the AK, this Century Arms firearm stands out from a lot of the competition. 

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