Tokarev USA is an importer focused on bringing Turkish-made shotguns to the American market. While the company offers a variety of 12-gauge shotguns, the TAR 12MP is one of the more prevalent designs. 

Due to their extremely affordable nature, Turkish-made firearms are easily found at any gun store, firearm website, or firing range. Let’s look at this popular model.





The TAR 12 MP is a blowback operated semi-automatic shotgun. Similar ergonomics to the AR-15 make this shotgun familiar to almost anyone who picks it up. 

This 12-gauge shotgun features a 3-inch chamber, which widens the selection of ammunition that can be run through the platform. Especially when looking for home defense loads, it is always good to have the option to use hotter 3-inch shells for more power and improved reliability.

The barrel is internally threaded for a choke system, and the package includes three chokes: Cylinder, Modified, and Full. The shotgun comes with the Cylinder choke installed, offering a wide spread that’s ideal for uses like home defense. Adjusting the choke for the task at hand is easy with the included spare chokes and choke tool. 



Tokarev USA TAR 12MP 12-gauge shotgun
With no shortage of Pic rails, the TAR 12MP can handle just about any accessory you choose. (Photo: April Robinson/

The shotgun features a top Picatinny rail, as well as plastic Picatinny rails around the hand guard at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Tokarev includes a set of flip-up iron sights, but the additional rail space gives you the ability to mount a red dot, weapon light, foregrip, or any other accessory you desire. 
The TAR 12MP feeds from a five-round magazine that is retained by an AR-15 style magazine release. 

Along those same lines, the safety is mounted on the left-side of the receiver and is comprised of the same shape and function to that of the AR-15. There is also a bolt-hold-and-release button located on the left-side of the receiver, further copying the AR. 

In a deviation from the standard AR controls, this shotgun features a side-mounted charging handle.


  • Action: Blowback operated semi-auto
  • Chambering: 12 gauge, 3 inches
  • Capacity: Five rounds
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inches
  • Overall length: 37.75 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • MSRP: $359.99


With all the designs, ergonomics, and features, the semi-automatic TAR 12MP is ideal for home defense and close-quarters shooting. Easily customized, this system is built to deliver 12 gauge at a fast and controllable pace. The Tokarev USA TAR 12MP is an affordable and familiar option for anyone looking for a semi-auto shotgun.

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