Taurus-owned Rossi Firearms this week announced a new dual-caliber break-action pistol, the .410 bore/.45 Colt Rossi Brawler

A simplified single-shot alternative to the Taurus Judge revolver series, the Brawler sports a single-action trigger and a cross-bolt thumb safety. Just load the chamber, close it, cock the hammer, fire, and reload. Takes about five seconds to figure out. 

Rossi Brawler 410 45
The Brawler runs a 6-groove, 1:24 RH twist, 9-inch barrel, which stands to make it very accurate from the bench firing .45 Colt loads, and has an overall length of 14 inches. It has a full 3-inch chamber for a wide range of .410 shells. (Photo: Rossi)
Rossi Brawler 410 45
Weight is 36.8 ounces unloaded. It has a steel receiver with a polymer overmold and an alloy steel barrel with a black oxide finish. The grip looks to be the same ergonomic rubberized grip as seen on the Taurus Raging Judge and Raging Hunter lines, just rebranded "Rossi." (Photo: Rossi)
Rossi Brawler 410 45
Besides the integrated top Picatinny rail for optics – which includes a built-in rear sight – the pistol has a high blade front sight as well. (Photo: Rossi)


The possibilities for such a pistol for use in the garden or as a trail gun for anti-snake purposes are obvious, but it could also clock in as a turkey getter in a fan-reaping scenario when stoked with TSS and in the hands of the right sportsmen looking for a challenge. Plus, with some of the more exotic personal protection loads on the market,  it could pinch-hit as a defensive handgun in some scenarios. 

The MSRP on the Rossi Brawler is $239.

revolver barrel loading graphic