FN continues to make inroads into the American suppressor market, this week debuting a user-serviceable lightweight titanium-hybrid can for rimfire calibers. 

The new FN Catch 22 Ti is like the company's Rush 9Ti suppressor in the respect that it features a titanium tube with a Cerakote coating (available in either black or FDE) that, importantly, is rated for high temperatures. The internals include a stainless-steel blast baffle tempered for heat resistance and a hard anodized 7075 aluminum baffle stack. Overall length is 5.25 inches, while weight is about 5 ounces. The suppressor is direct-thread with an industry-standard 1/2x28 TPI mount. 

The FN Catch 22 T
The FN Catch 22 Ti, available in both black and FDE, is the company's second suppressor made for the American market. (Photo: FN)


It obviously pairs easily with FN's recently introduced FN 502 Tactical, a semi-auto .22 LR pistol styled similarly to the company's FN 509 Tactical series, which ships with an extended threaded barrel. This is explained by FN's Chris Cole saying. "With the successful release of the 9mm Rush 9Ti last year, tackling the rimfire category is the next logical step as we expand our suppressor lineup and develop accessories that enhance our suppressor-ready firearms." 


The FN Catch 22 Ti suppressor
The FN 502 Tactical shown with an FN Catch 22 Ti. (Photo: FN)
The FN Catch 22 Ti suppressor
And, as anyone who has ever used one will likely vouch, adding a can to a rimfire pistol turns up the fun dial on a normal day on range. (Photo: FN)

FN also points out that the Catch 22 Ti, besides obvious use on rimfire pistols, would make a good option for adding some quiet time to a rimfire rifle such as the Winchester Wildcat. 

The FN Catch 22 Ti suppressor
The Wildcat, seen with an FN Catch 22 Ti attached, is offered in at least 12 models that include factory muzzle threading in 1/2x28 SR. (Photo: FN)

FN says in its materials on the Catch 22 Ti, which is caliber rated for .22LR, .22 Mag, .22 WMR and .17 HMR (but not 5.7x28), that it was subjected to very high round counts during rigorous endurance and functional reliability testing across a range of host firearms and with common rimfire ammunition loads and came through scoring high marks. Further, it can be disassembled for cleaning by the user via an included tool that enables quick removal of the end cap and baffle stack. 

The FN Catch 22 Ti suppressor
The FN Catch 22 Ti is user-serviceable for maintenance. (Photo: FN)

"Serviceability is critical with rimfire suppressors, and.22 rimfire ammunition is notorious for producing a lot of fouling and build-up. We wanted to ensure that owners could easily disassemble their Catch 22 Ti to thoroughly clean each component," said John Ryan, FN's Director of Product Management. "The included disassembly tool makes maintenance fast and simple – using the tool, unscrew the end cap and slide the entire baffle stack out."

The FN Catch 22 Ti has an MSRP of $499. 
Banner image: The slim 1.1-inch tube of the FN Catch 22 Ti clears the suppressor-height sights easily on the FN 502 Tactical and mounts securely to any platform via the 1/2x28-inch threads. The Catch 22 Ti is rated for rimfire firearms chambered in .22LR, .22 Mag, .22 WMR and .17 HMR.

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