Whether you’re looking at a new shotgun for home defense or hunting, you won’t go wrong with a pump-action shotgun. Their versatility is second to none, and there’s just something about the sound of one racking. Pump actions are reliable, come in a variety of chamberings, and generally hold 4+ rounds at a time, so there’s plenty of firepower should you need it. They’re also fairly simple to operate and maintain. 

While pump-action shotguns come in all price points, we took a look at some great, affordable options that you can’t go wrong grabbing. Some are big-name brands, and others are ones you may have never heard of if we hadn’t shined a light on them. So be sure to take a read through each. After all, they all serve the same purposes, and you’ll have more money for shells. Since more shells equal more practice, you’ll be that much more proficient! 

Benelli Nova Pump

Benelli’s Nova is ideal for all-around, rugged use. It’s designed from high-tech materials to be nearly indestructible. It has many features of higher-end Benelli shotguns. It’s affordable, and it’s worth every penny and more. Plus, it’s fast to shoot and fast to fieldstrip, making for a good time at the range and after.
Gauge: 12 or 20 gauge
Capacity: 4+1
Chokes: 3
Weight: 8 pounds

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CZ 612 Field

With its Turkish walnut stock and satin chrome finish, the CZ 612 is great whether you’re hunting turkeys or looking for a general sporting/home-defense shotgun. It’s nicely finished and built to last, with a beaded front sight for quick acquisition. It has beautifully classic lines but won’t break the bank. 

Gauge: 12 
Capacity: 4+1
Chokes: 3
Weight: 6.2 pounds

GForce Pistol Grip GF3T

With a Picatinny rail at both the top and bottom, the GF3T tube-fed pump-action shotgun features a synthetic stock. It is manufactured in Turkey and imported by GForce Arms in Nevada. It’s fairly new to the market, reliable, and a value you can’t beat in a home-defense/general-purpose pump-action shotgun.  

Gauge: 12 
Capacity: 4+1, does not shoot slugs
Chokes: Fixed
Weight: 7 pounds

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Remington Arms 870

One word description: Workhorse! The Remington 870 and its many variants, from Tactical to Express and Wingmaster, are all purpose-built guns known for rugged reliability. The name 870 is one that stands out in the shotgun world. With twin action bars, you’ll keep your grip shot after shot. Definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

Gauge: 12, 20 gauge and .410 bore
Capacity: 4+1
Chokes: 1, modified
Weight: 7.5 pounds (12 gauge)

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Rock Island Meriva 3-in-1 Combo

If you’re looking to do it all, and stay on budget, the Meriva 3-in-1 Combo is a fantastic option. It comes with an 18.8-inch cylinder-bore smooth barrel, a 28-inch vent-rib barrel, and a synthetic removable stock with an optional pistol grip. This one can go from the field to the perfect home-defense shotgun, so it’s great no matter what your plans are. 

Gauge: 12 
Capacity: 5+1
Chokes: 4
Weight: 6.1 pounds

Stevens 320 Security

The 320 Security pump action from Stevens features a matte-black synthetic stock with a pistol grip. Stevens claims it was built specifically to take on any tactical situation, making it ideal for home defense. It also has dual action bars and a rotary bolt. The texturing on the pistol grip and forend guarantee a secure grip no matter what the conditions.

Gauge: 12 or 20 gauge
Capacity: 5+1
Chokes: 2
Weight: 7.3 pounds