Where would science fiction be without the futuristic firearms that add to the eye-popping special effects? For a genre that often loves to wield high-minded rhetoric about guns, science fiction creators sure do lean heavily on firearms for the ratings. We’re not here to take cheap shots at the genre. Who doesn’t love some little high-tech escapism from time to time?

Still, there are plenty of firearms that deserve to be on the silver screen, so we put together seven of our favorites. Some are already in the sci-fi canon. Others are designs just begging to get their break-out role. Here’s our list of guns that have the potential to teleport any sci-fi lover to a great movie experience.

1. KelTec P50


KelTec P50
If the P50 doesn't look like a sci-fi blaster, we don't know what does. (Photo: KelTec)

Cutting straight to the chase, let’s start with the gun that just needs to get some screen time ASAP – the KelTec P50. Honestly, you couldn’t swing a cat in a room filled with KelTec guns without hitting something that looks sci-fi. The T-shaped CP33 would certainly be a contender, and the folding SUB2000 already has you covered if you want something odd and “spacy.” To that end, KelTec has earned a reasonable amount of screen time already.

KelTecs have long been sci-fi punk in their looks and designs, but the P50 is just so new and unique that it absolutely begs to go to space, or the future, or the past. If anything, it certainly looks like it belongs in a “galaxy far, far away.” Who knows, maybe the Storm Troopers from “Star Wars” might actually hit something this time with a 50-round mag. Plus, the 5.7 chambering for the P50 is already a sci-fi favorite for guns like the FN P90. Either way, we look forward to seeing the P50 make its debut on the big screen, so take note sci-fi props masters.


2. Maxim Defense PDX


Maxim Defense PDX
Lots of sci-fi firepower in a tiny package right here. (Photo: April Robinson/Guns.com)

Unlike our first nominee, this next manufacturer is still waiting for its Hollywood debut to our knowledge. When that happens – fingers crossed – we’d love to see the Maxim Defense PDX lay down some sci-fi firepower. This compact, AR-style gun packs a lot of power in a very tiny package. More than that, the PDX has a unique look and feel that is still relatable to an audience familiar with the AR platform.

With a tagline like “Not Built for Safe Queens,” we think it deserves some trigger time on a science fiction battlefield. It would also be a nice nod to something outside of the mainstream. That makes it ripe for turning some heads and sending gun aficionados to their keyboards to create a first mention on the Internet Movie Firearms Database.


3. Supped-Up Glocks


Custom Glock 19
Glocks are so common that they have become almost boring in movies. But some bells and whistles bring the pizzazz back. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com) 

We know what you’re thinking, “Ugh, another Glock.” Fair enough. But the guns have more than earned their place on the list, and it would be a tad unfair to leave them out. Glocks in general are some of the most common guns to see in movies, but they keep on delivering. Custom versions also continue to push out “spacy” new looks. That’s why Glock makes this list. There are tons of amazing variants that are too cool not to make it in the big box.

The Glock 17 is certainly already one of the favorites, in no small part because it’s sizeable enough to carry a scene and looks the part. Recent screen time for the Glock 17 includes “Terminator: Dark Fate” and a supped-up version in “Gemini Man” carried by Will Smith and – maybe? –  another version of Will Smith. Plus, various Glocks continue to make appearances in Marvel’s new lineup of TV series like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”


4. Beretta ARX100


Beretta ARX100
Beretta's ARX100 certainly has some sci-fi potential. (Photo: Jim Grant/Guns.com)

As far as science fiction rifles go, the Beretta ARX100 already has a leg up on the competition. The gun was, after all, developed as an offshoot of the Italian “Future Soldier” program, with the ARX100 being the civilian version of the military ARX160. This relatively new modular design has seen combat service. But what really puts it on the list is the futuristic design and looks.

It’s gotten some screen time recently, but not enough to make it well known to modern audiences. That puts it in a great position to leave a lasting impression in the next sci-fi flick looking for a head-turning battle rifle. It looks the part, and it is real enough for true fans to find one to add to their collection.


5. Walther PPQ Q5 Match


Walther PPQ Q5 Match
The Q5 Match could certainly give a Glock a run for its money on screen. (Photo: Walther)

Despite what some Hollywood directors and Glock fans might think, the movie handgun universe does not solely revolve around Glocks. The Walther fan James Bond would certainly agree with that. The Walther PPQ has stretched its legs into some science fiction already, namely “Maze Runner.”

We think the Walther PPQ Q5 Match could give supped-up Glocks a real run for their money as the choice for a sci-fi pistol. It already did a great job in “Dead Pool 2.” As a Glock alternative that still offers real-world function and futuristic looks, the PPQ Q5 Match would be a great pick.


6. IWI Tavor


IWI Tavor
The Tavor is underutilized by Hollywood in our humble opinion. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com) 

There was a time when everyone was racing to get a bullpup rifle. Militaries across the globe started stocking their arsenals with guns like the Steyr AUG, FAMAS, and the Chinese QBZ-95. As far as arms races go, this one left Hollywood with plenty of futuristic-looking guns to pick from. Our favorite is probably the IWI Tavor. It’s futuristic, compact, battle-tested, and still reasonably available for purchase.

Strangely, it hasn’t gotten nearly as much love from Hollywood as you would think. Yes, it has had some pretty good hits: “Ant-Man,” the 2014 remake of “Robocop,” “World War Z,” “Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1,” and some of the “Resident Evil” sequels. But we just think it’s only fair that this gun gets significantly more appearances in the near future. 


7. Landor Arms BPX 902 Shotgun


Landor Arms BPX902
A bullpup shotgun like this would do nicely in a sci-fi flick. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

Why not bookend this journey with a different – and quite unique – lineup of futuristic bullpups. Guns that take a new spin on compact firepower, like the Landor Arms BPX 902 semi-auto shotgun. This bullpup adds a nice twist by packing the magazine with 12-gauge shotgun shells. There are also some other great options for when Hollywood needs something futuristic and ready to destroy some flying cyborg ducks, like the Panzer Arms BP-12. A bullpup shotgun would just be awesome on screen.

Other than being chambered for 12-gauge shells, it’s also notable that these sci-fi lookers are a fraction of the price of most of the other bullpup guns out there right now. A wave of recent imports makes stocking up for the inevitable sci-fi remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” a budget deal at the moment.