One of the best things about working at is that we get to see exactly what guns American’s think are hot – and not so hot – every single year. So far, 2021 has been a really interesting one, with some guns surprising even us as we watched what new and older guns pique the interest of gun buyers.

Sure, it’s tempting to simply “ooh and aah” at the latest models launched every year. But today, let’s take a different approach. We’ll look at some of the most popular guns on in 2021 and some that created a splash in the gun world in general at the same time. 

It’s impossible to cover every great gun, so we grabbed nine that really stood out for us and our customers in 2021. Here they are, in an order designed only to keep the suspense rolling until we get to the last and likely most buzzworthy gun of the year so far.

Glock 43X

Why not start with the surprising king of the 2021 pistols here at It might shock some, but the Glock 43X has been a near-constant winner as the most popular pistol at month after month this year. Heck, it also took top spot for pistols in October

While the gun is hardly brand new – Glock revealed it just before Shot Show back in 2019 – it still has a lot going for it that makes it appealing. For one thing, it’s had time to prove its worth and still be in stock for the masses in 2021. Plus, the small size and 10+1 capacity of 9mm make it a solid concealed carry and general self-defense choice. 

Taurus G3C…and G2C

This one is a bit of a twofer – the Taurus G3C and G2C. Itself the king of budget-friendly handguns, Taurus has a growing following, including here at We spent a great deal of time testing the G3C this year, and it was impressively reliable, accurate, and affordable. That trifecta made it a top seller in 2021, but the real surprise was the continued popularity of the previous model.

Taurus’ G2C was consistently one of our top sellers all year, and that makes sense. It’s often a bit more affordable, but it offers the same reliability as the newer model. In fact, the biggest differences are the lack of front slide serrations and a Glock-style rear sight cut on the G2C. So, for most people looking for an affordable and effective gun right out of the box, the G2C hits all the wickets. 

Henry AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle

OK, this one actually threw us for a bit of a loop. We’re not 100-percent sure why, but the unique little Henry AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle has been a constant favorite in 2021. It wasn’t the most favorite, mind you, but it was consistently in the top five all year. It is very affordable, incredibly compact, and super unique. Plus, it fires the fun and cheap .22 LR round, which makes it great for plinking, small-game hunting, and as a solid backup survival gun.

Whatever the reason, the customers at have spoken, and the AR-7 has earned its place on this list. The backstory of the AR-7 as the offspring of an Air Force survival rifle designed by none other than Eugene Stoner himself also adds a nice little historical factor to this firearm.