Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS) is one of the fastest-growing shooting sports in the country. It started with long-range centerfire competitions, but as the sport grew not everyone could practice on the 1,000-yard ranges needed. That’s why the Mid-Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS) was born, to give shooters “a practical/tactical event” to shoot without needing 1,000 yards for a range.

David Luu founded MARS a few years ago to give shooters the same scenarios a hunter or military/LEO sniper would find themselves in. The catch is that instead of shooting a .308 Win, they are shooting a .22 LR. If you’re thinking this is a less of a challenge don’t be so quick to judge. “Shooting a .22 LR at 200-yards is like shooting a .308 at 1,000-yards,” Luu told

The difficulty of the sport, mixed with the affordability of the rifles and ammo, has cause a huge surge in participation. To help beginners get started on their journey, Luu put together a shortlist of beginner tips and tricks for rimfire PRS. 

Make sure you’re all clear – Safety should be top of mind at any shooting or training event, but rimfire rifles add an extra layer of safety. Rimfire rifles are more likely to have a round get lodged in the bore, so it’s important to make sure to always check clear. Luu has said he’s seen even professional shooters get complacent and clear their chamber but unknowingly still have a round in the tube. To help make sure you’re clear be sure to carry a flashlight with you or use a chamber flag.

Keeping the chamber flag attached – For those who opt to use a chamber flag to show clear then a common problem can be the flag falling out when moving around. To mitigate this problem, Luu uses the bikini straps from his optic caps to apply tension to the flag and the bolt. This helps keep the flag in place. For those who have flip-up caps instead, then a simple DIY solution can provide the same results. Drill a hole in a chamber flag and then loop some elastic through the hole. You can then use this elastic to provide the tension needed to keep the chamber flag in place.

Fit yourself to the stock of the rifle – How you fit to the stock of the rifle will determine your eye relief. Without the proper eye relief, you won’t get a proper sight picture. Making sure you’re fitted to the stock is the beginning when shooting PRS. 

Don’t fit for a single position – Just because the rifle's stock feels good on the bench rest, doesn’t mean that you’ll find that same comfort in prone. PRS shooters are asked to take many different positions when running through a course. If you’re able to try all the different positions before purchasing your rifle you could save some dough. Finding a rifle that will serve many of these different positions will leave you with a better chance of success in PRS.

Stay tuned to as we continue to talk with David Luu about tips and tricks for PRS shooting. 

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