Forjas Taurus, or simply Taurus in the U.S., has been making handguns since 1939. Only in recent years, though, has the company started to make a splash in the self-defense market. Long known for affordable guns, Taurus recently also become known for concealed carry pistols. The latest addition, the G3c, offers a reliable, single-stack, concealed carry pistol sporting an MSRP under $400. While the G3c is fresh off the line, many have looked at the Taurus 1911 for years as an affordable gateway to the timeless John Moses Browning design. 

When it comes to defense in and around the property, others have turned to the Taurus revolver lineup to scratch that itch. Hunting revolvers, such as the Taurus Raging Hunter in .44 Mag, would do well as both a bagger of big game and defender of the domicile. Not to be overlooked, the Taurus Judge -- which has accumulated somewhat of a cult following since its inception in 2006 – brings a home defense option to wheelgun fans. Being chambered in .410/.45 LC is what initially drew headlines for the Judge while the comfortable grip and reliability is what has kept it around as a useful home defense tool. 

One thing is for certain, when purchasing a Taurus handgun for self-defense, you’re going to get a good product for an affordable price. 

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