Specializing in large-caliber takedown rifles, DRD Tactical was one of the coolest manufacturers to set up at the IV8888 Range Day event in 2021. We got the chance to squeeze into their busy booth and check out their rifles. The most common takedown rifle size on the market is .22 LR, but that’s not true for these guys. DRD offers large-caliber takedowns, including .300 blackout, .338 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, and more. 

DRD Tactical Rifle
The tight fit and finish of the guns speak to the precision DRD Tactical puts into its firearms. (Photo: Taylor Abney/Guns.com)

DRD Tactical stands out amongst other takedown rifles because of how discreet, well built, and powerful they are. Over the past 10 years, this company has proven it can produce very reliable top-notch guns for both military and civilian use. 

DRD Tactical was started in 2010 when the Joint and Special Operations Program put out a whitepaper request for a 7.62 rifle that could fit in a briefcase. Two years later, the Paratus went into production. Since then, they have introduced takedown sniper rifles, AR-patterned rifles, and machine guns. Otis purchased DRD three years ago and the innovation continues. 

At the IV8888 Range Day, DRD brought out their latest design, the MFP-21 AR pistol they plan on releasing soon. It will be chambered in .300 Blackout and 5.56 NATO. A notable feature on the MFP-21 is a plate built into the back of the receiver for attaching braces. The MFP-21 and all DRD firearms have the ability to shoot with the stock folded, keeping things ultra compact if needed. 

Handling their lineup, the quality of these firearms is very evident. No mass production here, DRD makes every gun by hand here in America. Their attention to detail is easy to spot. Precise machining work like sculpted magwells and finger grooves are just another reason DRD is one of the best in their field. 

On top of all that, the takedown and assembly are a snap: 

  • Line up the gas tube and receiver 
  • Tighten the barrel
  • Slip the handguard over
  • Done! 

What more can one ask for in a takedown rifle? Oh, yeah, how about fantastic performance? Shooting is the best thing about DRD firearms. Their guns have super tight tolerances, so the wobble that plagues most takedowns doesn’t exist. Even with larger calibers and an internal recoil system, the felt recoil is very minimal. 

A shooter fires a DRD Tactical rifle
You can feel the precision of these DRD Tactical firearms when shooting them. (Photo: Taylor Abney/Guns.com)

Off-hand shooting is made easy with the balance DRD has achieved. Shooting a .338 Lapua is a trip. Truly, these guys push the envelope for what can be made into a takedown rifle. On the other end of the spectrum, the MFP-21 proved accurate and withstood the abuse from IV8888 Range Day. It will be great to see the MFP-21 hit the shelves in the coming months. 

Takedown rifles are a great option for those who need something discreet and portable. From military applications to hunting, having the ability to quickly break down a rifle, stow it, and reassemble as needed can be a game changer. We are happy to see companies like DRD Tactical innovating within the takedown niche and cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

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