For hunters who were looking forward to unwrapping sweet new decoys, calls, or range gear but instead found fruitcake or scented candles under the tree, all is not lost. After Christmas is a great time to not only dream about upcoming seasons but to find some post-holiday sales on hunting and shooting gear. 

With prices ranging from $4.99 to over a cool grand, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite from the Vault. Gift wrapping not included.

Decoys for Days

Is there any hunter who wouldn’t be happy finding a deal on a decoy for their favorite game animal? No, we didn’t think so. For hardcore duck hunters, we love this MOJO Mini Mallard Drake spinner that takes a static decoy spread to the next level. If a turkey pursuit is preferred, grab one of the realistic birds from Primos’ Photoform family made using actual gobbler photographs. 

Say What?

The offseason is the perfect time to upgrade important gear, and few things are more crucial than quality eye and ear protection. Too many shooters – especially hunters – experience significant losses of hearing for not protecting those ears. We mostly wear over-the-ear electronic muffs because they offer the best protection – and keep ears warmer in the cold. 

Our two hands-down choices are Howard Leight Impact Sport or Walker’s Razor family. However, some hunters find the muff style obtrusive and opt instead for in-ear protection. In that case, check out Walker’s Game Ear Silencer or other inside-the-ear protection, many of which also amplify low sounds like that deer sneaking in through the brush. 

Protect Those Peepers

Equally important to ear pro, even for hunters, is eye protection. While the risks are certainly higher on the range, anything can happen in the field as well. Ditch those cheap safety glasses from the dime store for some that offer actual ballistic protection and double as quality sunglasses. Budget shoppers can get a steal on the Radians Kit with interchangeable lenses for varying light conditions and uses. 

Those seeking a higher quality alternative should grab one of our recent faves from Magpul. For around-the-town shades that double as shooting protection, Magpul’s line of eyewear is excellent, and they offer styles to fit any face type. We just picked up the Pivot model with its polarized, oleophobic, impact-resistant lenses. They come packed in a sweet Magpul hard case. 

Right on Target

Want to give yourself and shooting buddies the gift of practice? While we all seem to be perusing both physical and online stores for ammunition to increase practice time, it’s much easier – and cheaper – to stock up on shooting targets to scratch that range itch. 

Deer hunters will adore these Pro-Shot American Whitetail papers, which offer not only a full-size buck on each but a grid pattern and diamonds for sighting-in firearms. For some holiday handgunning fun, check out Birchwood Casey’s Shoot-N-C defensive handgun targets, which add some realism to training time. Shooters seeking reactive action always enjoy plinking on a spinner like SME’s self-resetting, folding, rimfire steel

Cluck, Rattle, & Roll

Big things do come in small packages. Game calls, by and large, are not large items, but choosing the correct ones and learning how to use them can make all the difference in a successful hunt. Not many small game hunters own a squirrel call, though they’re surprisingly useful. Primos’ Squirrel Buster gets those hesitant bushytails out of hiding and heading your way. Turkey hunters always have a vest full of calls, yet few own a good gobbler. HS Specialties Thunder Twister is simple to use when needed, and quiet when it’s not. 

Duck hunters hoard calls, so check out the offerings from either Haydels or Duck Commander for proven performers. Those pursuing diving ducks will appreciate Haydel’s Diver Duck, while Mallard hunters will be familiar with Duck Commanders' Pro series. We didn’t forget the big game chasers, either. Elk bugles like the HS Qwik Bugle are easy to use and sound surprisingly realistic. Meanwhile, deer hunters can rattle in the big bucks with HS Ruttin’ Buck rattle bag, a silenced bag-call that tucks easily into a pocket. 

Go Big & Go Long

This listing is saved for the bigger spenders. Whether you’ve recently acquired a new hunting rifle or looking to upgrade your existing rig, there are few better options than Leupold’s multi-family line of riflescopes using the CDS-ZL system – that’s Custom Dial System, Zero Lock. 

Once you buy the scope, Leupold custom makes the user a dial free of charge for their specific caliber and load. They are incredibly easy to use and take any guesswork out of shooting dead on at ranges from 100 to 700+ yards. We tested them out to 700 yards in wind-whipped Oklahoma, shot a whitetail inside 200 yards, and now hate to hunt without one. Shop for a Leupold VX-3HD, VX-5, and VX-6 scope and look for the CDS-ZL feature. 

Spa Time for Guns

Even hunters who have supplies piled on the bench will never turn down more quality gun maintenance products. Go for one of Hoppe’s all-in-one cleaning kits, which come packed in a classy wooden box. For a more price-conscious option, choose from one of the company’s pistol or shotgun kits. Hoppe’s has a reputation for excellence in the gun-maintenance industry. Plus, in a pinch, Hoppe’s No 9 doubles as a fragrant New Year’s cologne. 

Scent Products

Hunters are scent crazy. There are scent removers, neutralizers, covers, and attractants. But which items in the sea of products on the shelf actually work and are worth the dough? Look for items like Wildlife Research Scent Killer Dryer Sheets for a quick de-scenting of hunting clothing after the wash or before heading afield. 

Scent-killing sprays like Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way are always a solid choice for spritzing down before walking in the woods. If your hunter likes active cover and attractant scents, check out cans like Tink’s Hot Shot or HME Scent Web, which are formulated to draw those big target bucks into shooting range. Grab your scent gear now and be ready long before the rush of next season begins. 

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