Still need to get some range time in to retain proficiency but you picked the worst time to buy more 9mm? To keep those essential handgun skills sharp during the era of a perceived national ammo shortage, one of the smarter things to do, in addition to safe dry fire (which can be done for rifles too), is to plan your live fire practice more efficiently.

The good news is, there are several people out there who are out there with low-round-count shooting drills to make the most of a box, or even a half-box, of the ammo you have. 

Pro Shooter Lena Miculek of Team Sig Sauer has a pizza box, three paper plates, and 50 rounds but manages to show off six different drills from three varying shot positions. 

Speaking of professional shooters, Julie Golob of Team Smith & Wesson has another one box drill starting with singles at 3-yards, then switching to pairs, moving back to 5-yards, doing magazine exchanges, picking up at 7-yards, and finishing at 10-yards with headshots. 

Ben with Wise Men Company has a practical 50-round exercise in 10 stages, borrowed from Vigr Training. 

And last but not least, Hop at The Firearms Blog has a more conversational style to imparting some simple tips to training on a budget. 

Of course, this ammo shortage we are under, like all things, should eventually pass, but feel free to continue to make every round count in training, even when you go back to melting down 2,000 rounds a week.