Franklin Armory wasn’t just announcing new triggers during SHOT Show 2023. They also had a brand-new gun on hand. Dubbed the CA320, this handgun is California compliant and is actually on the California roster of certified handguns, something people thought might have been out of reach these days.

Let’s dive into what CA320 is and how it got on the roster.

Franklin Armory CA320
On the outside, it looks like a pretty standard SIG P320 grip. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The CA320 is, in a nutshell, a single-shot P320. Franklin Armory has taken the fire control unit and slide assembly from SIG and added its own custom grip module. The grip is how this gun is getting on the CA handgun roster, as it has a blocked magwell replaced with a single-shot feed system.

What’s the point of a single-shot P320, and who is buying them? Well, we’re still scratching our heads on the practical application for this pistol, but apparently, they are selling well. Of course, you could always order a standard P320 grip module once you have a CA320, and, while we aren't telling anyone to do that, it would give you a California legal(ish?) P320.

Anyway, Californians have made it clear that they are thirsty for more modern pistols.

Franklin Armory CA320
But flip it over and you'll see this is a whole different animal. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/
Franklin Armory CA320
And here's a shot of the slide open for those who are curious. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

It's important to note that these guns aren’t assembled by SIG, but instead by Franklin Armory. That means they aren’t on the single-shot exempt roster – they are on the handgun roster, and they were recently added on Jan. 11.

Have fun, California, you now have a P320 alternative.

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