Anyone who has spent much time around firearms knows that guns and gear go hand in hand. But the world of 2A gear is vast. There’s an ocean of options, whether you’re a regular visitor to the range, gun collector, or just an occasional shooter.

So, we threw together some recent gear we’ve been playing around with that has been reliable, useful, and just generally cool. Here are five that stood out for us in September. 

Templar ‘Don’t Tread on Me' OTF Knife

We’ll admit it, this is one of the first knives we started snagging for ourselves. First, it’s just plain cool. Templar knives come in loads of great designs and blade types. One of the most popular so far has been the “Don’t Tread on Me” blade. This OTF, or out the front, knife has a great look, strong pocket clip, and reliable function – not to mention a sharp blade.

The blade aggressively deploys and retracts with the simple push of the lever. If you’ve played around with cheaper OTF knives, you’ll be familiar with the twang sound of weaker springs and lazy opening speeds. That’s not a problem for the Templar blades. Plus, they include a window-breaking tool and nylon sheath.

Walker’s Razor Electronic Ear Protection

One of our favorite range tools lately has been Walker’s Razor line of hearing protection, particularly the electronic ones. These affordable muffs have been effective and comfortable over dozens of range visits, some lasting for eight hours or more. The battery life has been excellent, and they’ve proven to be rugged with heavy use. 

The electronic muffs protect your ears while shooting, but they also make it easy to communicate on the range with high gain, omnidirectional microphones. At the price point, they’re hard to beat for function, comfort, and looks.

Browning Lona Gun Cases

Browning has a large lineup of range bags and carrying cases. One of our favorites for quick range trips has been the Lona lineup with its sleek, aged leather accents, heavy stitching, and nicely padded interior. On top of boasting the Browning name, the look and feel of the Lona gun cases have made them a welcome companion. 

Unlike some cases that boast minimal internal padding, the Lona cases offer a plush flannel interior. This makes the bags slender and portable while still offering reliable protection inside for your gun.

Apex Tactical Specialties Armorer’s Block

The Apex Tactical Specialties Armorer’s Block is a simple solution for many pistol owners. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself home gunsmith for things like trigger upgrades or just looking for an easier way to take down your pistol for detailed cleaning, this tool makes it simple and protects your gun from damage.

It’s easy to use and compatible with various Smith & Wesson and Glock pistol models. You can quickly lock your pistol frame into the block with the adjustable knobs to remove pins. This makes disassembly easy and protects the firearm. Additional slots on the sides assist with work on the trigger and striker. 

Wooded Camo Snapback Hat

Cool gear is always a plus. But having a good hat on the range can be a huge benefit. We’ve been testing this camo hat on the range for a few months now, and the final verdict? It’s comfortable, fashionable, and has survived days-long shooting events under hot, sunny conditions. 

Better yet, the mesh back was very breathable, with a noticeable improvement – well, decrease – of sweat stains and foggy eye protection over non-mesh hats. As an aside, the eye protection we used in the photo above was the Walker's Clearview. They're a great addition that is very popular and at an exceptional price.

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