A group of pro-Second Amendment advocates has banded together to support the reelection of President Donald Trump. 

Gun Owners for Trump details they intend to "unite gun rights advocates in our mission to protect and defend our Second Amendment rights as enumerated by the Constitution of the United States."

The group's advisory board includes Barrett firearms president Ronnie Barrett, competition shooters Gabby Franco and Lanny Barnes, six-time Olympic shooting sports icon Kim Rhode, black rifle expert Kyle Lamb, and Second Amendment Foundation President Alan Gottlieb. 

"President Trump knows that every American has a God-given right to protect one’s self and family," says the group's page. "Through re-affirming support for this Administration, gun owners across the country will work to deliver a second term – ensuring the appointment of even more constitutionalist conservative judges who will protect and defend our American liberties for generations to come."

While President Trump's administration has at times rubbed gun owners the wrong way-- for example on the controversial and constitutionally specious federal ban on bump stocks-- it should be noted that the planned Biden/Harris ticket has made an outright guarantee, backed up by the Democratic National Committee Platform adopted last week, to impose new restrictions on legal gun owners and the firearms industry. 

Americans head to the polls Nov. 3.

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