The warehouse is constantly filled with some of the coolest firearms around, especially if you have a soft spot in your heart for used guns. As cool as that is, not many folks get a chance to roam the archive of cool guns every single day.

We do more than just sell guns at, and we put a lot of effort into buying guns that we think deserve a new home and bring some great history to the next owner. Some of those firearms – which are often our personal favorites – tap into a history of military or law enforcement service. Others are classic “snake” guns or vintage plinkers that ended production decades ago. We make it easy to sell your old firearm and turn it into whatever you want as your next investment. 

If there was a dream “gun” job, working in the warehouse would seem almost fictional. So, we figured we’d open it up for a tour. Just as importantly, we provide an outlet for those mom-and-pop shops and brick-and-mortar stores around the country that are looking to reach a wider market.

We inspect every firearm that comes in, and then we move it into the next step, which often includes a nice little photo shoot and some detailed descriptions. All in all, it’s a solid way to provide any future buyer with a clear idea of what kind of firearm they can expect.