Makes Selling Guns Fast and Easy

Pockets feeling a little thin with the upcoming holiday season approaching? Why not make a little extra cash selling that used gun you never use? Thankfully, there is a place that takes all the guesswork out of selling your guns. At you’ll find the fastest and easiest place online to sell a used firearm.

It’s as simple as four easy steps:

  1. Tell us about your firearm – submit some simple details and photos of your gun for review by one of our qualified firearms appraisers. 
  2. Makes You an Offer – We will review your submission within 24 hours and get back to you with an offer. We make an offer on the majority of inquires we get.
  3. Ship Your Gun to – We will provide you the box, or you can ship it in your own box. Either way, shipping to our warehouse is free.  
  4. You Get Paid! – Once we receive the gun and verify photos and conditions match the initial offer, we deposit the funds. Get paid quickly via direct deposit within 2 to 3 days of receiving the firearm, or you can chose to receive a check in the mail. Just like that, money in the bank. 

It’s that quick and easy. For years, people have been asking for a service this seamless, and has delivered the best way to sell a gun online. 

What Kind of Guns Can I Sell?

Right now, is looking for every single gun imaginable. If you possess a gun and can sell it online, we’ll give you a quote for it. Everything from ABC Rifle Company to Zastava and every brand in between is currently needed for sale on If you have a gun you’re looking to offload, let us know today!

What About Gun Collections?

We are currently accepting applications for gun collections in addition to single firearm sales. Whether it’s a collection of old Glocks or prized collectibles like Winchester 1894s, our team of highly qualified firearms appraisers will give you a fair price on your collection quickly. We go above and beyond for collectors willing to part with their prized possessions, so please contact us today to see what your collection is worth.



Whether you want to sell one gun or a whole bunch, has made it speedy and simple. Use that money for the holidays or upgrade to a new gun, that decision is yours, but we’ll be here ready and waiting to make you an offer. Click the button below to start your selling process today!