Equipped with a Calico .22 LR carbine with a 100-round magazine, the pro shooter Jerry Miculek shows why he is Jerry Miculek. 

Designed in California of all places, the Calico-series featured a top-mounted 50 or 100-round magazine as its hallmark. One of the neater guns as far as practicality — as well as one of the few to successfully use a helical-feed magazine-- it was first introduced in 1982. Although their marketing was stymied for about a decade due to the federal "assault weapon" ban, they are back in production. 

As Jerry was able to rip out those 100 rounds in 18.3 seconds, that would make his cyclic rate on that platform about 325~ rounds per minute, although he seemed to slow up on the gas across the bottom half of the mag. 

We were able to catch Mr. Miculek in action a couple of SHOT Shows ago. To kick off the event, he succeeded in engaging three different targets at 15 feet, shooting each multiple times center mass in 1.59 seconds-- and not with a .22!


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