If you asked gun lovers what companies excel at innovation, KelTec would almost have to make the top of the list for many. Established in Cocoa, Florida, in 1991, the company’s brand screams innovation and a willingness to try what no one else will. So, we decided to take a quick peek at just what they’ve been up to for the last 30+ years. 

We could drag out this intro section – easily – because there is a LOT to be said about the clever, fun, and functional KelTec designs out there. Heck, the company’s founder, George Kellgren, basically installed a culture that every KelTec firearm must “be innovative in their design and exciting to use” the day he opened shop.

But it’s actually more fun to dive into the handguns, rifles, and shotguns right now. So, here are some of KelTec’s top pewpewers, plinkers, and scatterguns.

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Rifles & Carbines



KelTec P15 Pistol
A first look at KelTec's new handgun, the P15, at SHOT Show 2022. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

From plinkers with 30-round magazines and daily carry guns to a 50-round pistol that looks like it came straight out of “Star Wars,” KelTec really took to showing off its innovation theme with its handguns

You have small, light, and concealable for self-defense with the 9mm P15 and the extra-small .32 ACP P32. Then you’ve got max capacity with the 5.7mm NATO P50 and .22 Magnum PMR30 and .22 LR CP33. If you really want to know what it’s like to own and shoot one of these unique handguns, check out our most recent review below. 

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Or you can dive right into the KelTec handgun rabbit hole. Here are the specs for five of the most popular out there right now just waiting for you to try:

Rifles & Carbines

The RDB looks like something drawn up after a night out, but there is a method to the madness, and this has become a hit amongst bullpup fans. (Photo: Jeff Wood/Guns.com)

There’s tactical, and then there’s straight out of “Halo” tactical. KelTec’s line of rifles and carbines spans bullpup designs to folding rifles.  If you want to dig a bit deeper into KelTec’s rifle lineup, here are five of the most popular today:

But if you really want to know what it’s like to own and shoot one of these innovative rifles, check out our most recent review below.

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KelTec KS7 Shotgun
The innovative bullpup design makes this KS7 both short and still capable of hosting seven 12-gauge shells. (Photo: April Robinson/Guns.com)

OK, KelTec’s list of current shotguns is actually quite short, but two guns still make it a list, right? KelTec’s focus on the KSG and KS7 seems well worth it, seeing as they nevertheless represent some of the most innovative and compact shotguns on the market today. Their bullpup, bottom-ejecting designs pack a capacity that would make most shotguns blush.

Just as cool, these spacey scatterguns are fit for any sci-fi or action flick, and they have earned a nice Hollywood showing with plenty of screen time on dozens of red-carpet-worthy films and popular television shows – We assume you’ve heard of “The Walking Dead.” The KSG alone owns an above-average number of credits, including multiple “John Wick” and “Maze Runner” movies. In one of our personal faves, it was quite popular with security guards in “Suicide Squad.”

If you want to know what it’s like to own and shoot one of these fascinating shotguns, just check out our most recent review on the KS7 below.

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Here’s a breakdown of the specs for the KS7 and KSG:

revolver barrel loading graphic