“Hand Cannon” and “Big F’n Revolver” are just two of the common and descriptive names for the BFR from Magnum Research. But the story behind the BFR has a bit more depth than the nicknames imply, although the power-house monikers are well earned.

We recently covered the history of the BFR, which was the brainchild of Jim Tertin that came to life back in the early 2000s. Originally coined as “Brainerd’s First Revolver,” thanks to its unique home in Brainerd, Minnesota, the true history is probably best told by Jim himself. What is unquestionable from our recent visit to the home of modern BFRs is the craftsmanship that goes into every single revolver.

The sound of hand-made quality defines the shop where each BFR comes to life. There were more metal files in hands than computer screens when we visited, and the attention to detail showed. With calibers ranging from the original big-bore .45-70 Government to Jim's own .475 Tertin, suffice it to say the platform is both powerful and beautifully crafted.

Call it what you will, “Big Frame Revolver,” “Biggest Finest Revolver,” or the frankly well-deserved “Big F’n Revolver,” Jim’s BFR is a gun that commands its place on any firing line. Despite what you might think, the hand-crafted BFRs are still quite manageable in the hand even in potent chamberings. 

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