Marco Cabahug is a well-known competitive shooter. He runs his guns like high-performance race cars. He shared his setup with us at the Red Oktober Kalashnikov Competition held just outside Las Vegas on Oct. 23 - 24, 2021.


Kalashnikov USA KR-9
The Kalashnikov USA KR-9 is available in a variety of configurations, including an SBR as pictured above.

Cabahug shoots for Disident Arms. For Red Oktober, he ran one of their highly modified KR-9 Elite guns. Chambered in 9x19mm, the KR-9 is available from Kalashnikov USA in a variety of configurations.


red dot optics
Cabahug's two red-dot optics next to each other.

One of the most notable features on Cabahug's KR-9 were two red-dot optics. One was zeroed in for targets as close as 5 yards, while the other was dialed for targets out to 50 yards and beyond. Since "head-shots" on targets at this event saved time and ammo, running dual red dots is one of the reasons Cabahug was able to win in his division.

The 9mm round also creates much less recoil than the hard-hitting 7.62x39mm round. This, combined with the 9mm muzzle blast kicking up much less dust, allowed him to achieve much quicker target acquisition.

Safariland ELS belt system

His extra magazines were held securely in place by Safariland's ELS belt system. Since he competes in a variety of divisions, he can swap out mag pouches in a matter of seconds with their quick release system.


For eye protection, Cabahug sported a good-looking pair of aviator glasses with Hunters HD Gold lenses. Cabahug claims they turn him into "The Terminator." Lastly, for ear protection, he wore AXIL GS Digital Earpro. He prefers in-ear buds because over-the-ear protection gives him headaches if he wears them all day. attended the Red Oktober event, and it was a blast. We highly recommend you check it out. It takes place every October. If you decide to go, we'll see you there. Check out the article and video we made at this year's event.

revolver barrel loading graphic