Autumn is seven years old and has been burning up the internet over the past few weeks with her gun skills. She also likes to talk smack on the range. 

In the above video she takes on Alex Zedra on the range and, instead of Zedra calling the run, young Autumn lays down the course of fire like a champ-- then shows how it is done. She wears eyes and ears the whole time, is aware of her muzzle and trigger D, and loads her own mags with no problem. 

Autumn's hardware of choice is a Holosun-equipped Kel-Tec CP-33 which she likes "everything about" and a Ruger Mark IV Lite-- which she demonstrates a pretty fast mag change on.  (Photo: Screenshot)

Be sure to check out Autumn's YT channel for more and keep an eye on this one moving forward. 


revolver barrel loading graphic