Oh, the places we've been! Guns.com just turned 10 years old, and we’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last decade shooting videos of some of the world’s coolest firearms and equally awesome gun owners. With over 87,000,000 views, we’ve gotten to put a lot of lead downrange for our audience.

So let’s get nostalgic for a bit and revisit the most popular videos for each year since the beginning. 


2021: Investing in Class 3 Firearms

Some people invest in the stock market. Retired law enforcement officer Ike put his money into a gun collection that is not only massive but also boasts serious firepower. It was a sound investment because that collection is now worth a heck of a lot of money. Pulling in more than 190,000 views in under a month, Ike and his fantastic collection of machine guns was an instant hit with our audience. 

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2020: Quadmount .50 Cals? Yes, Please!


Meet the “Meat Chopper,” a bone-rattling M45 Quadmount .50 cal designed to sling a wall of heavy lead at enemy aircraft, though it also proved effective at mowing down ground targets as well. This gun turret boasts four powerful .50 caliber M2 Browning machine guns and provided firepower for American service members in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

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2019: Vulcan Cannon - Furious Anger & Firepower 

Nicknamed “The Hand of God,” this M61 20mm Vulcan rotary cannon is ready to lay down vengeance and furious anger on any target unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end. At around 3,500 rounds per minute, it’s no wonder a video of this beast of a gun earned more than 5,650,000 views and 3,730 comments. Speaking of comments, here are some of our favorites: “Ahh yes. Accuracy through volume,” “Excellent for home defense,” and, naturally, “Dear Santa…”

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2018: WW2 Ball Turret With Twin .50 Cals

The top comment on this video says it all, “This is my childhood fantasy on every single freaking level.” This video of a World War II ball turret blazing away in the desert clearly struck a chord with viewers and earned some high praise with 100,000+ likes. Rolling in at over 6,000,000 views and 5,531 comments, this is by far the most popular video on our list. If you love history, firepower, and cool engineering, this video is an easy win. 

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2017: Battlefield Vegas’ 500+ Machine Guns

There are gun vaults, and then there’s the gun vault at Battlefield Vegas. Since opening in 2012, Battlefield Vegas has become a premiere destination for any gun lover wanting to go on a firearms pilgrimage. They’ve also assembled an impressive collection of over 500 machine guns, and we got to peer behind the curtains at the collection in their vault. 

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2016: Affordable .50 Cal Rifles?

If you’re looking to shoot .50 cal but don’t think you have the money to get a rifle that can handle that monster round, maybe think again. Serbu has put together an affordable gun chambered for .50 caliber. It might not win any speed-reload competitions, but this budget-friendly thumper is softer on the pocketbook than the more expensive alternatives.

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2015: Visiting America’s Oldest Living Veteran

One of our favorite things about creating videos for Guns.com is the ability to meet amazing gun owners across the country. On May 11, 2015, Richard Overton turned 109 years old, making him America’s oldest veteran. He credits his longevity to a steady regimen of smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and the ability to defend himself and his nation with firearms. We had the honor to visit Richard in Austin, Texas, where he showed us his personal gun collection. 

A combat veteran of the Pacific theater during World War II, Richard passed away in 2018. His story inspired many inside the firearms community. To quote one of his many admirers, “Rest in Peace Mr. Overton. We've got your watch from here.” 

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2014: 25-Year Gun Collection With Some Stories

If old guns could talk, Prokopios Ziros’ collection would have some amazing tales to tell. Among the firearms in his collection are an old “Tommy Gun” that appears to have experienced some dangerous times and even a Colt 1911 that was carried by an American service member through World War I. While still functional, it’s the stories behind these guns that really make them stand out. 

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2013: Talking Gun Rights With Chris Kyle

Shortly before his death, Navy SEAL Chris Kyle of “American Sniper” fame spoke about gun rights with Guns.com at SHOT Show 2013. With 160 confirmed kills and four combat tours in Iraq, he brought his military experience to the civilian training world and continued to serve America’s veterans. We share the same sentiments as many of the viewers of this video, “We miss you, Chief Kyle.”

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2012: Browning A5 Shotgun - History and Variety

One of the earliest successful semi-auto shotguns, the Browning Auto-5 is a classic. It was the first mass-produced semi-auto shotgun, and it got a rebirth in 2012 with a new version that bore a similar appearance to the original. That popularity is still paying off as views continue to trickle in even for this nearly decade-old video.

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2011: Beretta Nano Review

You can quickly learn two things from this video. First, the Beretta Nano got a lot of interest when it came out in 2011 based on the number of views. Second, Guns.com has come a long way in making videos over the last 10 years. As one of our first videos, this one also highlights the ever-increasing interest in highly concealable 9mm pistols that still continues today.

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Conclusion & Honorable Mentions

The internet is an unpredictable place. The Wild West of online videos is no exception, and you just never really know what will draw the biggest audiences at any given time. While these were some of the most popular videos we’ve ever made, we still had to leave a lot of awesome videos on the cutting room floor.

Going year by year is almost unfair, really. One blockbuster video can steal the show from other greats. So if you have a few free minutes and want to watch some great honorable mentions, here are some of our favorites:

Empty Shell – Meet the suitcase-sized minigun. 

Big Guns at Big Sandy – Tour the massive firepower on display at the Big Sandy shoot.

Trump 1911 – Check out the hand-made Trump 1911 crafted by Jesse James.

Go Full-Auto – Enjoy some rapid-fire shooting at the Knob Creek machine gun event.

Daniel Defense – Go behind the scenes at the Daniel Defense factory in Georgia.

Night Shoot – Watch the tracers fly during the Knob Creek night shoot.

We hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Cheers to the Second Amendment, and here’s to the next 10 years of firearms videos brought to you by Guns.com.

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