Range bags are one of those gear essentials that simply need to work. If you don’t like your range bag, disorganization and cramped pockets can make shooting a hassle. Looking for an all-around range bag, I perused the Guns.com warehouse and came up with three great options. The best way to give equipment a hard, accurate test is at an event. So some friends and I headed to the CompExpo and loaded up these range bags to use during various shooting events. After three days of abuse, we ranked them in the order of most liked. Here is how these bags stacked up. 

Smith & Wesson M&P Officer

The Smith & Wesson M&P Officer bag came in as the favorite out of all our tests. It has great space, ergonomics, and is built well. Large exterior side pockets with separators and a sturdy tote in the body helped with organization. The bag is fairly large and fits a couple of pistols plus lots of extra gear with ease. 

  • Large main compartment includes a removable storage/ammo container and a handle
  • 2 zippered pistol cases 
  • Clip-on brass pouch 
  • Front pocket has magazine pouches 
  • Shoulder strap
  • 10 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches deep 

Bulldog Tactical MOLLE

The Bulldog Tactical MOLLE range bag is great as an all-around bag that offers options for versatility. Unlike most bags, the exterior pockets are MOLLE attachments. This gives you the option to remove or add bags based on your needs. The drawback is that attaching MOLLE to more MOLLE can create a floppy bag without a lot of support. Compared to the other bags, the stitching and zippers do not seem as durable, which is also what ranked it lower on the list. Overall, however, it is sturdy enough for two guns and the gear to accompany them. 

  • Large main compartment includes removable storage/ammo container with handle
  • 4 Large removable exterior MOLLE padded accessory pouches
  • 1 zippered pistol case 
  • Side pockets with magazine pouches 
  • Shoulder strap  
  • 9 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 18 inches deep 

GPS Handgunner Backpack

Now for the outcast of the bunch. The G*Outdoors GPS Handgunner Backpack was the only gun-specific bag. The bottom pocket is designed to cradle four handguns. During testing, I found it will only accommodate smaller handguns, and my Sig Sauer P320 X5 with a 5-inch barrel stuck out of the foam inserts quite a bit. The pockets were specifically marked and purpose-built for things such as tools and ear protection, which is very nifty to keep the smaller bag in order. It is just big enough for guns, some ammo, and basic gear. If you’re looking for something that will hold a medium tool and cleaning kit with miscellaneous other gear, the other bags are a better option. For an easy bag to stay lightweight, the Handgunner Backpack is perfect. 

  • Foam cradle for 4 handguns 
  • Side pockets with magazine pouches 
  • Visual storage system to identify and organize gear
  • Specialized pockets for shooting glasses, magazines, tools, and more
  • Backpack allows for hands-free transportation with a rolling feature 
  • Pull-out rain cover 
  • 19 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 16 inches long

When choosing range bags, it is important to know what gear you will put in them and what kind of shooting you plan on using them for. We tested these during a demo day, 3-gun shooting, and rifle and shotgun competitions. These all require very different gear. For a deep dive into how these bags held up, keep an eye out for our upcoming individual reviews.

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