3 holsters that will fit your Rex Zero1 S/CP handguns


With the right holster, the Zero 1CP will fit you like a favorite pair of jeans. (Photo: Team HB)

Recently, Guns.com featured the Rex Zero1 CP in a review. Very similar to the Sig P220, the Rex’s 9mm chambering is the one substantial difference between the two. Arex also offers this gun in 9x21mm, .40 S&W, and .32 Auto, though I’m not sure about availability in the United States.

Folks who want a gun that feels like a tank should take notice because this is a gun you’ll love. The 9mm chambering means more rounds than the Sig. It has a capacity of 15+1 and comes with two metal, easy-dropping magazines. The mags are well designed with a flat floorplate and enough of a lip to make it easy to extract in the event of a double feed (which never occurred during testing).

It’s a heavy piece at 1.57 pounds unloaded. The frame is made of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, anodized for abrasion resistance. The slide is chromoly steel, likewise the monolithic barrel is precision machined. Both frame and barrel receive Arex’s proprietary treatment for “extreme corrosion resistance.”  Though this weight may help keep the gun level on the range, it also means that a proper carry rig is even more important.

One advantage of the Rex series full size and compact pistols is the variety of holster choices that already exist, a rarity for relatively new pistols. In addition, the company’s US distributor, FIME Group, just sweetened the pot for new owners.

An online visit to K-Var, a sister company of FIME Group, reveals three holster styles with several models in each category for the increasingly popular Rex. They include:

1. IWB

An inside-waistband model, called the Hybrid, with leather backing against the wearer and molded Kydex on the outside, plus a belt clip. There’s also a carbon fiber model, out of stock at press time. Black only. All are $54.99.


This IWB hybrid model is available in right- and left-hand configuration.

2. OWB

Two outside-waistband Kydex models. Both are pancake-style and black. Without Rex branding, it’s $54.99. With the two-color logo; $59.99. Measurements aren’t provided, but these are both large holsters, with the logo-embossed one appearing slightly wider. Some users have complained about the bulk of the unbranded holster.


The OWB model is also available in right- and left-hand configuration with the added option for a branded holster.

3. Paddle

A paddle holster by Hogue, with a vented surface next to the body. The exterior of this Kydex model is available in carbon fiber weave or pebbled for a tactical, no-sheen finish. This big-name holster is ironically the least expensive from K-Var at $39.96 for either finish.


The Hogue paddle holster, also in LH and RH. An economical yet big-name choice.


The Hogue paddle holster in carbon fiber weave. An economical yet big-name choice.

Get a free holster

A free holster is available through the end of December of 2017, for anyone who purchases and completes a warranty registration on their new Rex. Close as we can tell, this is a slim and simple, paddle holster bearing the Rex logo, in Kydex. FIME Group tells Guns.com these are OEM holsters straight from the Arex factory in Slovenia.


An OEM holster is free with warranty registrations through December 31. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

All models are level 1 design, with no separately operated retention device. It’s a sure thing that these Rex Zero1S holsters are compatible with the Zero1C. Due to the high-profile sights on the Zero1 Tactical pistol, buyers are advised to confirm fit with the vendor before purchase. No word yet on if these holsters will fit other handguns, like the almost identical Sig P220.

With holsters aplenty now shipping for Rex pistols, owners are surely optimistic that mag carriers will soon follow. Has anyone vetted Rex mags in a Sig P220 mag pouch? If so, we’d like to hear how it went.

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